The most surprising news!

I’m going to announce that I’m pregnant with twins 😎 I think this is the most amazing and surprising news of my family in 2019.

This is a natural conception. We couldn’t believe it because my husband and I struggled to have a baby and at the end of 2018, my husband’s sperm condition wasn’t good. They’re gifts 😙❤️ At the same time, we started to be worried about our first son. He is a toddler and we need to make a conscious of his emotion. Every step as a parent is challenging. But I’m so happy to announce this news here 😆



Since I had a child, sometimes I felt I was offered unsolicited advice about child-raising from older people who had experienced to raise their own kids.

One day, I took my son to a hospital to check his ear infection and he wore a hat of daycare. An old lady talked to me nicely

The lady: “Oh how old is he? ”

Me: “He’s 1 year and 10monthes old now. ”

The lady:” Oh my! He’s so poor. He’s still a baby but does he have to go to daycare?”

This is totally unnecessary to talk about and how I raise my son isn’t her business. I think these people need to attend grandparenting classes to understand the latest child-raising.

I heard especially these classes are all the rage in the states. I researched the classes on the internet, but not so popular in Japan as opposed to The states. The classes usually cover the latest practices in maternal, newborn care and how to build a good relationship with your son or daughter about a grandchild. It seems to be great classes for refreshing and reliving their parenting experience.

I do understand they would dote on a grandchild, but they’ve got to resist the urge to insist on seeing their grandchildren. The more supportive they’re, the more willing their kids will be to establish a collaborative child-raising relationship. How their kids think about is crucial.

However, these tips are needed to be advised by a specialist and not by their kids to avoid arguing.

My mother-in-law hasn’t offered me unsolicited advice so far. Probably she draws the line and bites her tongue. She takes care of my son when he is sick all the time. I thank her so much. My aunt once told me that she can’t say anything to her daughter in law. She tries not to make waves between them. Family In law has to be treated well.

I really hope grandparenting classes are becoming popular in Japan to estanblish a great relationship between parents and grandparents.

Spring is just around the corner!

It’s getting warm here! I’m so happy not to we’re a heavy court.

This April means a lot for me and my husband. Our son Kay made it through his first year at daycare. Time really seriously flied by.

Entering ceremony in April,2018.

He cried every morning and it wasn’t easy for him at the beginning, but now he’s excited about meeting his friends. When he arrives the classroom, his friends call his name and some give him a hug. That’s so sweet ❤️

He’s now 2 year and 4 month old. He’s a natural extrovert and becoming a chatterbox, too. Recently he started to try his stuff on his own. He prepares his daycare stuff by himself when he wants to do that. And he understands the system of supermarket. He takes a basket and push a cart by himself and picks up food as my order and refuses my help, so he always has an accident lol.

He loves a slide.

His achievement didn’t make it happen by just us. I’m so thankful to his teachers who take care of him every day and teach him important things at each moment. I also appreciate for my co-workers who are very supportive. I oviously held gilenma to my work life balance at first but now out of it. I’m sure he’s going to spend an another amazing year with his friends.

7th memorial day of my mother

My family held 7 th memoria day event for my mother. I found it comfortable to listen to chantting by our monk, which mean my pain, sadness healed a little than before.

Now one of my colleagues is facing her mother’s cancer fight and need to be prepare the end of her life. When she talks about it, I see myself in the past. It’s hard to wait for the last of someone you love and even I couldn’t talk to other about it. I hope I could do something to her through my experience and that’s also my mom would wish!

Back to the basic

Many people can’t live without internet or smartphone today. I’m the one, too. Even my 2 year old kid likes to watch trains on YouTube.

Especially teenagers use message app to stay touch with friends and maintain a healthy social life.

The other day, my English teacher introduced me an interesting article.

A school in silicone valley doesn’t use computer in classes.Instead of it, they use paper, pen, needle, knitting and mud. Is this turning clock back? No it’s not. Kids don’t pine for technology and take unique classes. One teacher taught fractions by having kids cut up food. The basic method to teach don’t inhibit creative thinking, movement, human interaction and attention spans. The interesting thing is that three quarters of the students have parents with strong high tech connection. It’s so silicone valley! But, no conradiction.

I was a little surprised that those tech savvy also thinks digital gadgets are the harmful for kids. As a parent, I’d understand my son is going to use smartphone to connect with friends further down the road. How we do time management is important. Breaking a family rule, lying and not enough sleep to use smartphone are red flag. Parents need to play a important role as example and parental controls are valid.

I heard adults check smartphone 80 times a day on average. It’s surprising figure. I also need to find a way to wean myself from smartphone. One of the ways is to going to gym. I attend a dance class,so can’t use it and interact people, too. Finding something you are into more than using smartphone might be a good solution.

Happy birthday to my son ðŸ’“

My son turned two😘

He eats a lots, but he changes his mind everyday, so I’m quite not sure about his favorite food.

Now he’s trying to be bilingual. He mainly understands Japanese, and he picks up English, too. He’s good at imitating what I say.

His daycare started since April. This 6 months are challenging for us. First month was like hell for me. He wrapped around me crying in front of daycare. I faced with a dilemma, too. But my decision is right. He blends in kids perfectly and plays together. He wouldn’t be like this if he stayed at home only with me. I’m proud of his adaptability and his sociability.

My wish for him is to stay healthy another one year and smile always!

Work out 🏋️

Since last month, I started to go to a gym near my house. I’m struggling to shed my weight after delivering my son. Probably not about having own kid, but also about age , too. To think about one more kid, I’m better off losing some before I’m pregnant for my health and there you go! I’ve joined the gym.

It’s definitely fun to work out. Especially I love dancing class with loud music. It’s hard , but I can feel that stress goes away. It fits me ! I use machine,too. When I use treadmill more than 20 mins and I sweat par for the course , but it’s comfortable sweat, not like sweat in the hot summer. Watching people who work out so hard motivate me. Today, a woman who is looks like over 70 taught me how to use a machine. I’m so impressed.

Now I’m a little more to focus on building strength by machines and enjoying my time. I’m sure that I end up achieving my goal as long as I can enjoy.