I’m on diet now. So naturally dishes I cook is healthy and my husband is not so happy about it. I also concerned about his health, though. 

Minced tofu and scramble eggs on the rice.

Minced tofu is supposed to be minced meat but I didn’t use it. I stir-fried minced tofu with soy sauce and sweet cooking rice wine till water was gone. Surprisingly the texture is like stir-fried minced meat. My husband didn’t notice it. 

Chinese yam and tofu gratin.

This is super healthy. Gratin usually needs white sauce but I used crushed Chinese yam in place of high calories white sauce. So you have to mix the yam and tofu with Miso 1/2 tbs , Mayo 1 & 1/2 tbs, Starch 1 tsp. You can also put your favorite Veggies in it. I used spinach this time. Toppings were bacon,  cheese and dried Bonito flake. I really love this gratin. 

Healthy and good taste doesn’t often happen. But there is 💕


My son had 2 playdates this week.

One was on Monday with my friend and her 1 year old daughter. My friend and I went to junior high school and high school. We weren’t so close when we were in school. But becoming mom changed everything for the better. Anyway, we went to Izakaya for lunch. Izakaya is like a bar at night, so they usually don’t open in the lunch time. But recent Izakaya is different. They open for mommy and kids and prepare suckling room, diaper change room and play room. That’s awesome! We had lunch and later our babies played together. It was very convenient place. 

And another playdate today with 3 babies and their mommies. We met a local event for 5,6 month old babies. So we met for the 2nd time. I was a little nervous though. But no worries 😀 We had lunch in the private tatami room at organic restaurant and talked a lots and kids hit it off. I was so glad to have an chance to make mommy’s friends and it was great for my son as well. 

I was busy this week! The more I go outside, the more I develop confidence to go out with my son. Eventing is new and challenge. But I can’t understand things unless I experience. This week I used baby room at the department. Omg there was an concierge! The concierge asked what I want and guided me. There were hot water and cold water prepared. I haven’t seen this gorgeous baby room! It’s so mother-friendly facility 👍 

Dinner on May 9th. 

Today was a good day!  I met a friend for the first time in 4 years 😁 She was my roomie in Canada. So we aren’t just friends. More than sisters 🤗 During 4 years,  both of us became a mother. We talked about kids things and she was a very good listener just like we used to be. She made my mind clear. We always have a question about raising a kid. Sharing issue is important. We totally agreed with being mom is truly awesome. They can’t replace with anything. 

OK! Let me share the dinner tonight. My head and mind got adrenized today. But dinner is healthy.

Simmered chicken with garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, sugar and water.Ethnic egg soup with lettuce, tomato, carrot. 

I had spaghetti at lunch today. So, dinner was little healthier.  I also had yogurt too. Today’s point was using garlic and ginger 🍳 

How to make the chicken wings is…. 

Mix vinegar 100ml,  soy sauce 30ml, water 50ml, sugar 45ml, chopped ginger 10g, a clove of chopped garlic and boil for a little and put the chickens in it. Simmer it till the liquid is gone. This is for 6 chichen wings. 

How to make the egg soup is

Mix water 500ml,  comsomme 5g,  Chinese chicken soup powder 1 teaspoon and boil them. Put carrot, lettuce in and 3 mins later, tomato and beaten egg in it. After beaten egg in it, stir a little! That’s it. 

Dinner yesterday 🍳 

Dinner yesterday was Spanish omelet and Stuffed bell pepper!  

I make Spanish omelet by microwave oven. Actually I am trying to be a  microwave oven specialist. It’s an  important skill as rasing baby. Once it starts running, I don’t have to stay with it like gas stove. Now I can’t live without it. 

Ta-ta 👋 

My husband and I try to make a circumstance to have our son learn both English and Japanese. Japanese is OK because we are Japanese but English, we have to make effort so hard. What we’re doing is he can only watch English TV channel such as Disney Channel in daytime and I talk to him in English. He’s going to day care from 1 year old and English cram circumstance will be over then.  Now is the so important time for him learning English.  

In Disney Channel,  Doc Mcstuffins is airing now. Story about a girl who can fix toys with helping from her toy friends. They talk and Doc check up and diagnosis. This is intellectual education animation and the way Doc takes care of her patients is always warm-hearted. Our son learns humanity from Doc 💕 Even I learn something good from her attitude. “Ta-ta” is new to me and Doc told me that 😀

Being parent is hard  because responsibility dogs you forever. But more than that,  there’re always joy. 

Baby food process

It’s been 2 weeks since my son started baby food and now he tried two vagitables carrot and pumpkin. By making baby food, I also learn about nutrition and the best way how I cook and know the natural taste.  So far he loves both💕

This is a mashed carrot. I’ve never thought that boiled carrot was so delicious. Just boiling carrot make a good soup. 

This freezing pumpkin 🎃 Mickey mouse. My time making this is paid off to see this Mickey.

I have a blender and I’ve never used it for his food. But straining makes me stressed out and finally tried out.  Wow! This is good. Just quick to strain in 10 sec.  Even though I have to clean up later, it’s still good. I just have to stay away from blending things he can’t eat when I make dishes for adult. I really appreciate to live in modern age. There’s a lot of convenience! 

Happy 5 month old 💕 

I couldn’t post about 4 month old Mr. Kay. Sorry 🙏 I was busy with moving out prep and running errands. 

Anyway,  Mr.Kay has been a good baby. He got 3 inoculations recently. He’s a tough cookie. He didn’t cry a lot. My husband and I were more intense than him 😲 

One of main events around 5 month old is starting baby food. I made rice gruel and grind it to a paste and put it in ice tray and keep it in the freezer bag. This is Mickey mouse ice cube 🐭 So I don’t have to make it each time and just warm it up by microwave when he eats. 

Yesterday,  I gave him one tea spoon of rice gruel and he smiled 😀 I will give him the same thing for a week and if there’re no problems, he will step up to vegetables.

I enjoy to see  the process how he adjusts. He’s learning something new day by day and I’m so blessed with stirring moments everyday. Stay at home mom isn’t easy. When I wasn’t a mom yet,  I was swamped with work and now I can stay at home all day but my schedule doesn’t make a go of it. So I have to find a way to make my time for such a writing  my blog. So the best way to write my blog is wring while I cuddle him. He sleeps so I don’t have to play with him. I can do meditation while he’s drinking a milk. I sit and hold him in a cross-legged position and close my eyes for 2-3mins and calm down. I need to learn the rope and I’ll take a cue from the voice of experience.