Chubby and proud

Before reading my post, please read the below article๐Ÿ‘ฏ

She’s my favorite comidian and literally she’s huge in Japan. But she’s always pretty and fashionable and has a nice sense of humor. Her comedian style is not only diverting  but also making weak point positive. I want you to check her Instagram and you probably understand what I mean. 

About me, I have a few things I want to change in my appearance. 

  • I want a bigger month than now. 
  • I want to be a taller at least 63 inches. 
  • I have a mole in my face and sometimes I want to remove it. 

The above can’t change easily. I believe that my face and my appearance by nature are the best of me created by God or Bhudda and think my fate and my luck would change in a wrong way. With hindsight, I love myself. I am not the person everyone asks for, but there are many ways to make me bright and shiny. 

Accepting yourself is difficult and the more I got older, the more it’s hard. I’m distracted by many things and other people and can’t stick to my belief. She’s popular comedian, so she has power to change society like producing clothes for chubby females. 


Today, I went to free dishes market and got dishes for free. This market is managed by my city. My city collects extra dishes at home and separate dishes people still can use from useless ones. Useless ones go to a recycle center and become building materials and dishes people can use pass out to people out there once a month. I like this system. It’s environment-friendly and people like me are happy, too.

2 ceremonies are over.ย 

On January 21, we took my son to a shrine! It’s one of important ceremony for a new born baby, which called “Omiyamairi “Priest prayed his good life and after that we took pics. He wore Kimono ๐Ÿ‘˜.  

Another ceremony is “Okuizome” was on Jan 28.  We hold food by chopsticks and touched his lips with food. 

Menu : Grilled red bream, Soup with clam,  red rice, simmered food(Veggies:Yum, carrots, lotus)

I was a little worried about making these dishes.  I ordered only the grilled red bream on the Internet and cooked other dishes.  The red 2 plates and the tray and chopsticks were sent by the shrine at Omiyamairi. He seemed to like enjoying dishes ๐Ÿ’• I hope his bliriant future  with a lot of nice people and stay healthy ๐Ÿ˜ 

Happy 3 month old.ย 

He turned 3 month old๐Ÿ’• He likes to exercise and hold things now. Now, he practices rolling over and prone posture. It’s adorable to see when he’s doing those things. 

The other day,we had a health nurse visit. The nurse checked up his grow and gave us advices. She was surprised at how talkative he was. He’s been bigger and bigger. He’s Mr. Kay but his name could be Mr. Square as well. 

On Jan 22, it was my first birthday since I became a mother. I appreciate my mother more than ever before. Becoming a mother was harder than I expected. But it’s so amazing to have a kid. I wish she could hold him.

The other day,  I got a letter from my mother’s friend. She sent me congratulation money, so I sent a gift in return and then she sent me thank-you letter. 

I think my mother has her friends keep eyes on me and my sister in stead of her. They always care about us. Even my mother passed away, we still stay connect. The more I love my son, the more I think of my mother. It’s a shame that we can’t share experiences together, which I’ve been thinking about. 


After doing landry, people in Japan hang them up outside and when it’s sunny, they get dry perfectly but it’s not, they irritate us. Recent washing machine with a build-in dryer is good but it can’t get them dry enough. So I’ve been looking for a nice way and today I came up with the idea. 

I set up a bar in front of the air conditioning machine and hang them up. No more stress because of them.  

Batter’s boxย 

New TV drama about single chicks has started in Japan. They are 30 and now and fighting tooth and nail to get married now. When they were 20, they never expected their situation and they brought back the past. They said

 ” We just stepped in batter’s box but didn’t try to hit and just observed or criticized desperating friends from bench . All results came from it. The friends hit and run, which means they found someone or got married. “

I like this expression. I had many experiences that I just stepped in batter’s box and didn’t swing a bat. It’s not only about love and boys but about my life and I can’t turn back the clock. Challenging is important ๐Ÿ”ฅ