Dear Maya

Have you ever asked advice from SNS,such Dear Abby and Yahoo answer?

I’m an avid reader of Dear Abby. At the beginning, it was just a reading material in English,but now I’m so curious about how Abby answers and I’m relieved that people have same issue with me. It’s a great way to gain insights into a society.

I’ve got the impression that American turn to psychiatrists, counselors and lawyes for issues that seem almost mandane to me. It seems a litigious country. Sometimes, it’s one of wise ways to talk to specialists. In Japan, if you talk to specialists, people would think about something huge serious thing is going on. I’ve heard of marriage counseling and it might be effective to build a broken marriage with someone who doesn’t have personal feeling. Japan doesn’t have such a thing. A good example is my husband who hates to talk about personal issues to others, but I’m not. I always need someone to talk to and refresh my feeling.

I become Dear Maya sometimes for my two sigle friends. To listen their problems, I need correlation chart. Many people are involved with them. In term of romance, I tend to try to be sensitive to make sure I won’t lead them wrong ways. I realised I can’t be a shrink as work. It’s tough and I’d be in lost on what the best advice is.


Recovering from natural disasters

It’s just sad and shocking to see the footage of destruction on TV. Earthquakes came in June and torrential rains with muds slide hit in July. Thankfully my area didn’t become am afflicted area when earthquakes and heavy downpours. Now typhoon hit Japan. Last night it went cross my city and it is going to afflicted areas from the downpours.

When disasters come one after the others, it’s even more difficult to get things back to normal. I wish I could join relief effort for damaged areas. About heavy downpours, I never ever expected that rains destoyed everything under the sun. With hindsight more than 100 people were dead and still missing persons have been existing.

I’m worried about donor fatigue. People who have already supported one or two relief efforts may feel they either can’t or don’t have to offer any more help to disaster victims. I think it’s important for private individuals to dig deep into their pockets when people need help in recovering from disaster. But I can’t help feeling wary. I hear that some charities have such high overhead costs that not all that much money actually goes to victims.

I think it’s better to send money than it’s to send needed articles. There’re specialists for these charities and relief effort, therefore I want to ask them to use my money to help victims.

There are always some con artists who see disasters as a chance to take advantage of people’s altruistic instincts, too. In 2011,the triple disasters of the Earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown stroke in northern Japan. While victims evacuated, people who wasn’t victims stole things from their places. The most surprising thing was that people sent origami cranes for victims. It symbolizes hope and good luck, but it can’t save victim . I saw some tweets that urged people DO NOT SEND ORIGIMI CRANE this time. For calamity like this, SNS support victims. At Earthquake in Jun, I was on train at that time and I checked information from Tweeter.

Japan is a small country and has a great skills to help and save people from natural disaster. It is unwanted, but each time the skills are developed and That skills can help people in other countries.

My thought and my prayers are with victims ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ’“

Busy, tired… But ๐Ÿค—

It’s been 1 month since I resumed work. Being working mom and rasing a kid on my own are so hard. I have my husband but he can’t help me weekdays due to his work schedule.

However, I enjoy working and my son is getting used to his daycare life. The hate part is to call in his sick to my company and I don’t know how much people understand my situation. I’m working with a moody person. He’s mood changes every 30 mins and he flatters his boss. Last Friday, our team had meeting including our bosses. His attitude was so flexible and reasonable in front of them. I really can’t believe him. He always wants to control our ways but he said ” If you have any problems, you can talk to me or it’s OK to talk to other people, too. ” This is so wrong. He wouldn’t be happy if we talk to other people. I really wish he will be assigned to other duty. This team is amazing expect him. This complaint poped up not because I’m a working mom. Every people related to him thinks like the way. He really need to go visit “anger room” where is to let off steam and yell as you smash cups and dishes, furniture and other stuff. This kind of shop addresses a need by people like him. Well, he really need to know how to quell his anger.

About my son, now he learns songs and sing them at home. Baby’s a quick leaner. Even English songs, he can catches some lyrics. He likes a song “This is the way the bunny hops” and now he sings “hop hop hop……”and he knows how to wiggle his nose, too. It’s just a part of lyric but, so catchy for him. He seems to like drawing, too. And more than anything, he loves his daycare orange hat! This suits him and he wears it everywhere. I was so worried about him when he started daycare but now, he’s changed alot and become more ambitious. I can’t thank enough to his teachers and his friends ๐Ÿ˜€

Day 3 in daycare

It was chilling this morning. Yesterday he didn’t nap and slept early at night. He slept very well and one happy kidโคBut he didn’t eat breakfast enough.

Once we arrived at daycare, he started crying, but today something was different. His teacher told me he could sit and drink tea. That’s a good sign๐Ÿ˜€ He will enjoy tomorrow more. ๐Ÿ˜˜

After daycare, we attended baby swimming class. Surprisingly he didn’t cry a lot. I’m so proud of him ๐Ÿค—

It’s been challenging for us. I really appreciate that he’s going out of his way !!

Day 2 in daycare

Day 2 started with mommy’s goof! Before we left home, I changed his diaper. That’s daily rutain activity . Right after we arrived at daycare, his teacher said ” His pants are wet! “. OMG, I forgot to put him on a diaper. That was a terrible mistake. I’m very sorry for my son.

Anyway, his Day 2 was still hard. He cried and kept finding me. His teacher suggested me that he doesn’t extend the time this week and from next week, his time will be longer. She also told me that she will make offort on finishing his gradual entry by next week to let me resume work.

While he was working so hard, I was at a cafe with a mom-friend who was taking daddy’s class together. We talked about having the 2nd kid. She’d had a miscarriage before so that she’s more than satisfied with having her daughter. It was one of the hardest experiences for women. For me, I want one more kid. Actually, at the end of last year, my husband went checked his condition and his doctor said, ” Achieving spontaneous pregnancy would be difficult given this condition “. My husband and I talked about fertility treatment and we will try AIH,but not try IVF. Having a kid is just amazing, but not easy for everybody.

After we got home, he wasn’t cranky and he stated to play with toys. So, I feel his reaction is better than yesterday and didn’t have a fever.

First Day in daycare

On April 2nd is a big day for my son. It’s the first day in daycare. He spent time there for 1 hour 9am-10am. I left his items in the shelf and he stared to cry loudly, but I sneaked out. The moment I left for the first time was easier than I was expected. Maybe most of babies were crying.

While he was there, I waited for pick-up time at a cafe with a mama friend, who is a neighbor and a baby swimming classmate. I’m so lucky to have my company๐Ÿ˜€

1 hour flied by quickly. My son seemed to finish his day with outbursts of tears and got fever because of it and denied snack time.

His teacher told me that crying in the beginning is the better and he’d adjust new life style little by little. He did good job๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ He stated to nap once he arrived at home.

I was so nervous about his first day because of his location anxiety and stranger anxiety. His reaction was expected and we’ve been through. Tomorrow he’s going to there again with the same time. I’ll keep update ๐Ÿค—