Day 4 in daycare

He made a big progress today ❤He could eat a snack, which means he didn’t cry crazy. I was so happy about it! Now he’s going to love daycare.


Day 3 in daycare

It was chilling this morning. Yesterday he didn’t nap and slept early at night. He slept very well and one happy kid❤But he didn’t eat breakfast enough.

Once we arrived at daycare, he started crying, but today something was different. His teacher told me he could sit and drink tea. That’s a good sign😀 He will enjoy tomorrow more. 😘

After daycare, we attended baby swimming class. Surprisingly he didn’t cry a lot. I’m so proud of him 🤗

It’s been challenging for us. I really appreciate that he’s going out of his way !!

Day 2 in daycare

Day 2 started with mommy’s goof! Before we left home, I changed his diaper. That’s daily rutain activity . Right after we arrived at daycare, his teacher said ” His pants are wet! “. OMG, I forgot to put him on a diaper. That was a terrible mistake. I’m very sorry for my son.

Anyway, his Day 2 was still hard. He cried and kept finding me. His teacher suggested me that he doesn’t extend the time this week and from next week, his time will be longer. She also told me that she will make offort on finishing his gradual entry by next week to let me resume work.

While he was working so hard, I was at a cafe with a mom-friend who was taking daddy’s class together. We talked about having the 2nd kid. She’d had a miscarriage before so that she’s more than satisfied with having her daughter. It was one of the hardest experiences for women. For me, I want one more kid. Actually, at the end of last year, my husband went checked his condition and his doctor said, ” Achieving spontaneous pregnancy would be difficult given this condition “. My husband and I talked about fertility treatment and we will try AIH,but not try IVF. Having a kid is just amazing, but not easy for everybody.

After we got home, he wasn’t cranky and he stated to play with toys. So, I feel his reaction is better than yesterday and didn’t have a fever.

First Day in daycare

On April 2nd is a big day for my son. It’s the first day in daycare. He spent time there for 1 hour 9am-10am. I left his items in the shelf and he stared to cry loudly, but I sneaked out. The moment I left for the first time was easier than I was expected. Maybe most of babies were crying.

While he was there, I waited for pick-up time at a cafe with a mama friend, who is a neighbor and a baby swimming classmate. I’m so lucky to have my company😀

1 hour flied by quickly. My son seemed to finish his day with outbursts of tears and got fever because of it and denied snack time.

His teacher told me that crying in the beginning is the better and he’d adjust new life style little by little. He did good job👍😍 He stated to nap once he arrived at home.

I was so nervous about his first day because of his location anxiety and stranger anxiety. His reaction was expected and we’ve been through. Tomorrow he’s going to there again with the same time. I’ll keep update 🤗

Virtual reality

Last week, I learned English with a topic of virtual reality. Virtual reality(VR) is  appearantly changing travel marketing. Travel agencies can take someone to the destination of thier choice and show them the best aspects  of that experience. The potential to use VR as a promotional or advertising tool for specific location is unlimited. 

On the upside, VR would be a real boon to people who can’t travel, such as seniors,busy people or those who are simply without the financial wherewithal to take time off and go to their dream destination. There’s one thing VR can’t do at this time in history. That’s to provide the same experience for more than one person at a time. That’s a drawback. No matter how real the VR experience seems to the individual. 

Can you say that you traveled with someone without sharing the experience with them? For me, traveling with using VR is like playing games or watching movies. You can’t touch and smell. It’s still a long way from perfectly simulating all five senses. The tourism industry is about selling experiences and VR is a great marketing tool in that regard. It enables people to get a taste of travel destinations from the comfort of thier homes. I’d like it. 

For English learner, my experience living in oversea is precious and what I felt with all five senses was a real. The experiece had changed whole my life and of course my English became better. Maybe traveling is the same with it. Even it’s a short trip, sometimes the experience might impact you. Technology is super, but we can still overtake them. 

Workplace flexibility

1 month to go for back to work. Daycare orientation was over and I feel l I’m ready to back to work.

Since I faced issues about daycares, I’ve been thinking of workplace flexibility, too. Unfortunately my company doesn’t encourage workforce to telecommute. But paid parental package is remarkable! I can work my favorite work hours until my son becomes 13 without overtime with bonus. My company gives me 20 days paid holidays each year and usually if I don’t use them up within one year , they are all gone, but for working mothers , they are stored for our kids. If my son is sick and I have to take days off, I will use my paid holidays from there first. I’ll use a reduced schedule for while from 9am to 5pm on the dot and I can be back to full-time worker anytime.

Even though my company treats working mothers well, I still wish I could work as a remote worker. I can save a lot of time and take a balance between work and my son. My concern about back to work is that how much I can spend time with my son. I might have to fight the perception at work among some of managers and colleagues that you’re just goofing off all day. Also, I miss out on the personal contracts that are crucial in term of moving up the corporate ladder. However, I can manage time and that’d be a perk of my job. The most important thing is the quality of a person’s output, not how many hours I work, or where I work.

Japanese government urge companies to raise the proportion of a female managerial position. I assume that for the policy achieved, each company make work environment that employees can take a balanced approach to work and personal need s. Being flexible means not only flexible working hours, but also being willing to change your work routine in line with changing circumstances and expectations. Otherwise, many female managers can’t keep their job and company’s effort would be gone. It’s time to adapt the diversity of lifestyles.

Shopping habit

For preparation of back to work, I started to learn business English with a radio program and the text. The contents are made based on American Society issues.

The theme of the first week in February was “Retail crisis”.

I learned there’re a lot of “zombie malls” in the USA and there’s even a website to introduce zombie malls. I was surprised that the number of malls increased more than twice as fast as the population between 1970 and 2015. Another surprising face is that the USA has 40 percent more shopping space than Canada on a per capita basis and five times more than Britain. Experts says a quarter of the country’s 1,200 malls could closed by 2020. This is all because of the cheaper Internet access and the smart phone evolution and people have become used to the instant gratification of having products delivered quickly. Not only malls but also brick-and-mortar stores are suffered from tech savvy customers. Internet is sounding death knell for them.

However, not all consumers shop for everything and anything online. We’re now seeing some of e-tailers moving back to the brick-and-mortar world. For example, old-fashioned bookstores. The idea is to appeal to people who like to touch and feel and even smell books before they buy them. I’m a big fan of book stores and find them far more user-friendly than browsing and searching for books online. Maybe I might be in the minority. But for me, if book design was something different I expected, it’d change my mind.

We’ve got to move with the times. Brick-and-mortar stores will find it hard to make go of it if they only sell merchandise and don’t provide added value.

Regarding added value, more retailers are now offering special services. Home improvement stores offer classes for would-be DIYers. Starbucks offers Coffee classes here. For the retailers hope to lure shoppers away from their screens with eye-catching displays and outstanding personal service. That’s very well and important strategy. But the sad truth is store clerks often spend a lot of time giving information to customers who then leave the store and buy products online. That’s known in the trade as “showrooming”. I can see retailers are struggling to get by and It’s too gulty to do showrooming for me.

Another reason for the declining fortune of traditional retailers. the Grate recession had a big effect on consumer spending habits. It made people put a greater value on experiences, as opposed to material possessions. Americans seem to want get the most out of life while they can, instead of shrimping and saving. This reminded me of my friends who worked for s travel agency. She offered customers travel plans and information, but they didn’t use them because they could book online cheaper travels than she offered. It was so deplorable. Add value was nothing.

Through this topic, I checked my shopping history . I use online supermarket. This is good but make sure to check quantity and if it’s right product you want. I still need Brick-and-mortar stores. Since I have a little baby, I sometimes feel isolated from society. Communication with adults are very important connecting people. And personally I want to spend more on experiences. There’re enough rental stores. I’ve used online rental dress store for my friend’s wedding. I don’t need to own my funcy dress. It’s good time now that we can get things done online mostly. However, I don’t forget the upside to the retail stores.