Manner of watching tennis.

I sometime play tennis and actually I was a good player at high school. I practiced a lots even at home.
But I am not a pro tennis player so I haven’t felt atmosphere at the Wimbledon .
Kimiko Dahte, Japanese tennis player claimed Japanese manner of watching tennis.
She was saying she couldn’t concentrate on her play during the game and Japanese says anything while a ball came and went.
And she screamed shut up! I am agree with her. Japanese might not know the rule to watch tennis game.
How do you think of it?


New shoes .

My husband and I making plans plans for the honeymoon. Also preparing goods we need.
I bought new shoes for a trip. It should be walk and run easy and it doesn’t tire me when I walk for all day.
What I chose today was….



How do you think?

Life is not so easy

Japanese TV drama final episode was over last night. The story about a man who is working for bank to revenge his father’s suitcide.
Define in the bank industries that ‘mistake by boss is his men’ mistake and credit by his men is boss’s.’
The meaning of revenge is his boss made his father kill himself. His father ran a company and borrowed money from bank. His father put up his company site as collateral for the loan which bank asked his father and his father believed them and the things were going well. But it wasn’t. Bank discarded him and he ended up killing himself. So his son became a banker to revenge!
The boss is still working there and using his men at his own choice. He knew his boss acted wrong so tried collect evidence and he did everything to do revenge with justly-acquired but also helped people a lot. And finally he made it and the boss apologized his for everything.
His act helped company too and even president complimented him on it. So everyone expected his promotion but actually not.
He has to be on a loan to another company which is demotion. I guessed president felt fear on the way how he works.
He could promote and work near president but If so, president is hard to work because he is too smart and too good.
And his boss also get demoted but 1 grade down.
His boss never has big month to president by this special treat so good for president,
I totally understand life is not easy to live but this is so unfair. I also thought about my act at work.
Hope my company is not like this. Right is right and wrong is wrong. This drama is lie each other to protect oneself.
Making money is not easy and always hard. It’s all about connection of people eventually.
We always can’t be honest but shouldn’t forget to people who help me and graititude.
His boss forgot to gratitude and walk his life in wrong way. And he can’t notice it because no one helped him and because he can’t appreciate people. I recognized that importance of connection in relationship.

Omiyamairi (shrine visit)

Yesterday I went to Shinto shrine with my sister, brother in law, mother of brother in law and my father.
There is traditional event for newborn baby to pray for his or her health and happiness by a shine priest.
It called “Omiyamairi”. My niece was very small and chubby. She is the apple of my eye.
I have a nephew too. He seemed bored because he wasn’t a principal boy. I wish beautiful life for both of them !


When we went the shrine, there was wedding ceremony in Japanese traditional way.
It was beautiful and it’s a shame that we didn’t hold the my wedding in old style.
Stately ceremony and beautiful white kimono.


Finally …… I did it!

I have good today! I posted about exam of becoming a permanent employee.
I passed the exam and became a regular employee !
Yes! I failed twice and it was long way to be here. I really need to be a regular employee because I want to work under attractive benefit package. Especially, before I have a kid. I was a contract employee and didn’t have parenting leave and maternity leave.
I want to stay my company after I have a kid. I don’t want waste my knowledge of work I learned.
Also bonus is very important. I am no longer single so I want something to support my family.
We can’t expect what happen in near future. Why I am so serious about it?
My father in law passed away. It’s been 10 years and I didn’t meet my husband yet. My mother in law was so shocked and she had a part time job. But she couldn’t support a household having 19 and 14 years sons. My husband was about to go on university but he gave it up and went to 2 years college . It can’t be helped but I think he is smart so he deserved to go on university. He ended up finding a good job. Money change people’s life. This is one of the reasons.
Basically I love my work related to world. I am learning English and using English at work. Writing blog is practice English and reading blog written by native English speakers. I can see world from blogs.
Anyway, I am keeping studying and improving my English and it will have positive effect on my work.

“The wind rises”

Last Sunday, I watched “The wind rises” ,which I Japanese animated historical fantasy film written and directed by Hayao Miyazaki. This film is a fictionalized biography of Jiro Horikoshi, designer of fighter aircraft that the empire of Japan used in World War II .
This is final film by Hayao Miyazaki.

Jiro succeeded to make aircraft and dream came true. He met a girl, Natsuko and eventually they got married. But when Jiro and Natsuko fall in love,she was battling against tuberculosis .
She stayed at isolated hospital for a while but she couldn’t bear being apart from Jiro.
She left for his place and they decided to live together despite they knew her disease got worse.
When Natsuko realized her death, she decided to come back to isolated hospital without notice.
Until then, she made up everyday and looked beautiful for Jiro. She did her best for him and left him.

At the scene, I remembered my mother who died this April. She also tried to look beautiful even she was affected with her disease. When she died, she was beautiful with a relieved face.
Also,thought of my father. He did everything for my mother and he was filled with grief when my mother died. Such a beautiful couple.
My mother must happy to stay with my father like Natsuko.
I decided that whatever happens to my husband ,I will support my husband till die.
There is a memorable line by Jiro ” None of aircraft I made returned.” He didn’t want to make aircraft to fight but it was used at war. He must be very complicated that people went to die by his aircraft.

This is first time to watch a film by Hayao Miyazaki at the theatre.
I watched many of his films at home. This is also thought-provoking film.
It’s a shame that he will retire soon.


Cosmetics for autumn.

New cosmetics for autumn .
I bought a brown illusion blush by BOURJOIS and MAYBELLINE New York mascara, the ROCKET.
These cosmetics are reasonable price and especially I love color by BOURJOIS .
I’m going to Paris so certainly I will buy something over there.
Now I am looking for a red lipsticks. I’d love to be a down to earth women with a lips in red!