Well, my examination to be a regular employee is done!!

I wasn’t so nervous in the interview but I don’t know that my answers are ok.
My company is a global company so I would have a chance to work oversea.
Interviewer asked me
“would it be ok to work oversea even though you are married?”
It’s a tricky question. I knew that they asked me about a job transfer.
I said “It would be such a wonderful chance for me and I don’t want to say No and I need to talk about it with my family but I also think that only women shouldn’t hold on to ourselves.

In my opinion,I really want to work oversea and even though I have kids, I want to work as much as I can. Some Japanese think that “Why did you marry?”. Now is not time a that mother is at home all the time. Japan needs to change. How do you think?

After the interview, I met my colleague and he said “You got married and why you took the exam.?”
WHY? Why are you asking the question? I was very surprised at his reaction. I had a good impression to him so It’s a shame that my colleague thinks like that.

The result of the exam will be opened two weeks later. I did my best and I won’t think about it until it opens.


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