Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games ahead of Istanbul and Madrid YAY!
My husband wake me up

OMG Tokyo will be host the 2020 !!

I’ve got super surprised! I didn’t expected that and it would have been Madrid.
My concern was about radiation problem in Fukushima .
Madrid was worried about economy downturn and Istanbul was worried about a situation in Syria.
In my opinion , the radiation problem is the most influenced matter to people.
But Japan did a great work and it was such a beautiful speech.
It’s hard to make presentation. I experienced it when I did in Canada at school. Japanese doesn’t get used to it. I realized we need to practice from a child.
Hug is greeting but we don’t do that. This time, Japanese team tried to hug from them to People in IOC . We tried to focus on close to people and forgot to being Japanese .
I was very moved on their effort. Also I am thinking of what I am doing next 7 years.
Thank you all Japanese who work for this and let’s hold a amazing Olympic 2020.



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