Marriage life so far

It’s been almost 3 months and my marriage life is getting bored.
Maybe I am the one who think like that.
I have a full time work and I usually fish my work at 7pm and right after that, I get home at 8pm.
My husband and I start having dinner around 8:30pm sometimes 9pm.
I know it’s late but I cook every night for him.
Today when I cook dinner, I said “dinner is around 9pm” and he said “really? It’s late. I am way too hungry.”

Ok, that pissed me off, I am tired but I try to cook dinner every day as much as I can.
It’s not only because of money, I wanted to cook for him with healthy meal.
But now I feel it’s unfair that I have to cook every night.
Maybe he could help me out a little when I cook and he could learn cooking.

Well, I am sorry but I just can’t stop my angry feeling.
Have a great day everyone!!


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