Finally …… I did it!

I have good today! I posted about exam of becoming a permanent employee.
I passed the exam and became a regular employee !
Yes! I failed twice and it was long way to be here. I really need to be a regular employee because I want to work under attractive benefit package. Especially, before I have a kid. I was a contract employee and didn’t have parenting leave and maternity leave.
I want to stay my company after I have a kid. I don’t want waste my knowledge of work I learned.
Also bonus is very important. I am no longer single so I want something to support my family.
We can’t expect what happen in near future. Why I am so serious about it?
My father in law passed away. It’s been 10 years and I didn’t meet my husband yet. My mother in law was so shocked and she had a part time job. But she couldn’t support a household having 19 and 14 years sons. My husband was about to go on university but he gave it up and went to 2 years college . It can’t be helped but I think he is smart so he deserved to go on university. He ended up finding a good job. Money change people’s life. This is one of the reasons.
Basically I love my work related to world. I am learning English and using English at work. Writing blog is practice English and reading blog written by native English speakers. I can see world from blogs.
Anyway, I am keeping studying and improving my English and it will have positive effect on my work.


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