Life is not so easy

Japanese TV drama final episode was over last night. The story about a man who is working for bank to revenge his father’s suitcide.
Define in the bank industries that ‘mistake by boss is his men’ mistake and credit by his men is boss’s.’
The meaning of revenge is his boss made his father kill himself. His father ran a company and borrowed money from bank. His father put up his company site as collateral for the loan which bank asked his father and his father believed them and the things were going well. But it wasn’t. Bank discarded him and he ended up killing himself. So his son became a banker to revenge!
The boss is still working there and using his men at his own choice. He knew his boss acted wrong so tried collect evidence and he did everything to do revenge with justly-acquired but also helped people a lot. And finally he made it and the boss apologized his for everything.
His act helped company too and even president complimented him on it. So everyone expected his promotion but actually not.
He has to be on a loan to another company which is demotion. I guessed president felt fear on the way how he works.
He could promote and work near president but If so, president is hard to work because he is too smart and too good.
And his boss also get demoted but 1 grade down.
His boss never has big month to president by this special treat so good for president,
I totally understand life is not easy to live but this is so unfair. I also thought about my act at work.
Hope my company is not like this. Right is right and wrong is wrong. This drama is lie each other to protect oneself.
Making money is not easy and always hard. It’s all about connection of people eventually.
We always can’t be honest but shouldn’t forget to people who help me and graititude.
His boss forgot to gratitude and walk his life in wrong way. And he can’t notice it because no one helped him and because he can’t appreciate people. I recognized that importance of connection in relationship.


2 thoughts on “Life is not so easy

  1. Congraturation for passing the exam!

    I watched that drama too.
    there are augments both for and against the final episode,but I like it.
    I think that it was Hanzawa Naoki’s style like surprise ending story.
    my view on the final is … eventually,everyone the all characters are being manipulated by president!
    he plotted to make Owada being quiet by using Hanzawa.
    and he was cut down after finishing his business.

    I’m looking forward to seeing next drama Legal High!


    • Thanks Azzuri! My life is going to be changed hopefully. I really hope your job changing will go well.
      Hanzawa Naoki was exciting drama. I didn’t expect that ending and now, I want to know the reason why he was got out of the headquarter. I heard that everything is written in book. But I want to wait for the next sequel.


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