iPhone fever !

Finally my husband and I switched android to iPhone.
Well so far so good but since we changed smartphone , our conversation is getting decreasing.
He is enjoying web games and he is into it very much. I only use contact my friends and family and listen to radio programs in English and read news in BBC App. But I don’t often use it very much.
Smart phone is very useful and potable but if we use it in a wrong way, it might change life stylle, especially relationship with people.

Have you heard of LINE? It’s very popular amount smartphone users in Japan. Probably it will spread out into the world.
It’s like chat . I also use it and most communication with my people is using LINE. It’s not only easy but also very cute.


What I want to say is not cuteness. He plays futsal and contact lots of the members in LINE so I feel like he always to use iPhone.
I didn’t install candy crush in my iPhone because I knew that I always play the game,which I don’t want to. I installed candy crush into my iPad. I need to lecture him how to use smartphone correctly.

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