Virgin Radio FM99.9 Toronto

The third day of long holiday…
I woke up late early this morning and cleaned rooms very much. I became to feel good so I made spaghetti for my lunch.
My husband wasn’t at home so this lunch all for mine!
During making lunch, I was chatting with my Canadian friend in Toronto.
Recently, the electric power was out in Toronto and the place his girlfriend is living in, she couldn’t use the power for three days.
Anyway, he is doing great!
After lunch, I started to clean up again and I also took a nap too but it was too long nap and when I wake up,it was almost dinner time!
Today’s dinner was Japanese radish salad and consommé soup. With my weight in mind, I try not to have too much carbohydrate at dinner. So today only salad and soup.
But still I can’t stop having a glass of wine after dinner 😛 Only a glass of wine!

After dinner, I went running. I always do running when I don’t have work listening to Virgin Radio FM 99.9 Toronto with my iPhone.
That radio reminded me of life in Toronto,Canada.
Today, I ran like crazy and got my iPhone out of my pocket. I was very shocked and my iPhone got a little hurt.
display cover protect my iPhone . Thank cover! Anyway…I already got over it and am writing blog.


The second day of long holiday.

The second day of the long holiday, I was pretty lazy today.
My husband and I had brunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.


later, we went buy sweet gifts for my relatives and friends in my hometown.
In this long holiday, we will visit my husband hometown on Dec 31 and Jan 1 and his hometown is close and we will visit my hometown from Jan1 in the afternoon to Jan 5. My hometown is far from here and at least it takes two hours to get there by bullet train. Every time we bring something nice sweets to them. My hometown is rural area so rare things make them happy. Of course there are lots of great thing over there too !
I can buy souvenirs at the airport or stations but I’m tired of it. So I tried to buy it at department store. I heard that if we buy something for someone and we should find the best thing for the receiver. Then the receiver is happy and also give attention to the sender as well. I don’t need them in return but this is ” O mo te an shi” !! which is giving something for nothing! Japanese mind!

After buying souvenirs, I bought birthday present for my mother in law and this is first present to her!
I decided to buy groves to survive this cold winter and it’s user-friendly! The day I give it to her, I will bring some cakes as well.

After that, my husband and I went buy contact lenses. We usually wear glasses but occasionally we put in contact lenses.
It’s waste money but it’s too scary to do lesik.

We are tired to do shopping.
My husband has a cold so I made rice gruel with salmon flake, chopped ginger, green chive and pickled plum for dinner.
That made our body warm.

I will stay at home and clean up rooms tomorrow.


Long new year holiday!

My work in 2013 has done. Whoo whoo ! And 9 days long New Years holiday has begun!
It will be good holiday to stay away work and have a wonderful time with my family and friends but work after long holiday would be pits. Especially I hate checking lots of emails in-box and organize them. I will pay someone money if I can hire someone to do that.

The first day of the holiday, I had lunch with my sister’s family and my sister’s mother in law.
We prepared Sushi,salad,fried tofu( it’s tofu but taste like chicken. Very healthy and damn testy!), Italian cuisine “acqua pazza” and a bottle of wine! We enjoyed the wine in this afternoon having lunch : )


My husband and I got my niece and nephew belated Christmas presents. My nephew is 1.5months year old and my niece is only 4 months old. They don’t get what Christmas is. Looked like they were happy. They are babies and their smiles are emotional support.
By bonding with them, I started to think about having a kid and learned meaning of the existence of kids.

My sister’s mother in law, she always nice to us too. Since my sister and I got married and had a new family in law too.
I love to communicate them and even though my mom passed away, my mother in law and my sister’s mother in law helped us alots. Next year’s Xmas , I wish I could get my nephew and my niece “a cousin”.

Christmas !!

It’s Christmas today but it’s ordinary working day here in Japan.
Sounds like we don’t care about Christmas in this country but we do.
Christmas is a day for a couple.
If people don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend , they rush to find someone nice by Christmas and if they have one, they spend Christmas Eve or Christmas with someone nice.
Here is an example.
My coworker left office earlier today (it’s a bunch of work on his desk ).
His plan is just not have dinner with her girlfriend but also he is going to propose her today!! He told us he wanted to do it today!
Personally I have seen the real Christmas event when I was in Canada so I feel that spending christmas with girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t right. Before my marriage, my husband stayed alone on Christmas and he complained 😦 why?
No offense this Japanese way and everyone couple looks very happy though.


Before Christmas, my husband and I went have dinner at wedding restaurant where we had our wedding party.
Dinner is delicious and so glad to reunion with our wedding planners.
My husband gave me Christmas present for me with letter. It’s been 6 months since we got married.
This time is meaningful time..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year : )

Dinner with my friends

I spent a great day on Saturday with my friends.
On Saturday , my husband and I invited my two friends to my house and we treated them dinner. One is got married recently and another is looking for a job now. We met in college and we have been good friends. They are older than me but we can share a lot of things.
My husband I wanted to thank them on their work on my wedding. That’s why we invited them. We also prepared a surprising birthday cake for one of them and it succeeded. I was very glad that she looked very happy. She said she got frustrated on finding a job so she got power.



I also made Christmas salad wreath.
Isn’t it cute?
I wish they have a fantastic Christmas and new year!! And so do I (≧∇≦)

New year resolution !

2013 is closed to end !
What I did this year is
1. Became a regular employee.
2. Got married

Well, above is good things.
But I had a bad thing too. My mother passed away. I won’t forget the tragedy but I could move forward by my husband support.
Anyway my life had up and down this year.

Next year I want to change my appearance.
I am 27 years old now and I decided to do dental makeover.
I am having summer teeth and I’ve hated this . I know it’s late to start it but now is time for me.

Also I want to change my action.
I sometimes don’t think about things deeply and decide things in early stage.
So next year I am going to take things seriously.

My bad habit is waking up late so I want to wake up early at least my husband.
He is rigid than me and think carefully!
Opposite type over me !!
So he might be good sample!

Anyway I am do my best next year and keep on smiling.
Happy holiday everyone!!