The end year party!

I attended two end year parties yesterday.

One was with my husband’s family, mother in law and younger brother in law and us.
The younger brother in law came back to his hometown. My husband and I hadn’t him since my wedding party.
So we had lunch as the end of year party!!
I am still nervous in front of his family it’s like stone. I know I need to get used to it but still hard to talk with them.
I always think about the proper topics that I can talk about. It’s still long way to become family with them.
It’s ok cuz we are not family biologically. I will figure something out.

Later, the night, I attended another end of party with my friends which are futsal members as well.
I visited place where one of them is living for the first time. I heard he moved into new place so I thought it was an apartment.
OMG it’s not just an apartment and it’s condo which is directly connected to the station. He bought it!
Look at the night view from 35 floors.


Anyway, we started the party! It’s potluck party and mostly was chicken and sushi. No one brought salad!!
But later, one of us showed up late and he had salad! Great!
We played Wii party and we were like kids! I was nervous in the morning and the night I totally am broken by laughing too much.
We talked about how to propose to girlfriend. In the member, my husband and I is the only married.
So we were asked lots of questions. In my case, he suddenly told me “Will you marry me?” In the Sunday morning right after waked up.
He decided the day he proposed me. But I couldn’t close my mouth. Unexpected this happen! But its unforgettable moment!!
Oh well, one of us is going to propose his girlfriend. He likes surprising her and he said he wants to do flash mob!! Yes, me too.
I mean I want be flash mobber! Did anyone do that or special event to propose girlfriend ?
It was fun night and I forgot bad things mostly.

This is just aside… My husband is joining another futsal team and the team present us futsal uniform printed our names and our wedding anniversary . Isn’t this cute?



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