Japanese tailor

Have you heard of a Japanese tailor who is working in Paris , France?
His name is Kenjiro Suzuki.
Now he is going on his own business he became successful in Paris.
Yesterday I watched his documentary program and I learned how he became the top tailor. He graduated from a designer college in Paris as top but he couldn’t find a job. One of reason was because he is Asian. 10 years ago, people in Paris hadn’t got used to Asian and he felt isolated and he even thought why was he white people ?
While he was struggling to find a job, the president of the designer college helped him. The president knew how great his skill and finally he found job and started as a cutter! Now he makes a jacket which fit people in perfectly.
I felt he made lots of effort get here but he still said “I need to make a good thing and if not I am just a foreigner here. ”
We spend everyday and I reconsider how we spend a day.
Apparently Paris is the city for tailors and I also felt that no matter how old they were, they loved fashion when I was on Paris for three days. Being delicate is ingrained in Japanese personality so sometimes we are too serious and get us tired. But cutting fabric needs to be delicate to make good clothes.
He also show people how Japanese are in good way.

Websitekenjiro Suzuki website


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