Meeting with my customer

It’s finally weekend. This week was long for me. I basically work as an air export shipment coordinator at office so I barely meet my customers but yesterday, I joined meeting with one of them with my sales person for new shipment.
The customer is one of the biggest company and I was so nervous and I know the main person in charge is very harsh on work. She is the middle-aged woman and beautiful. So I was wondering why she is still single ? Maybe she has a boyfriend? Anyway, my first impression about her was she is friendly and beautiful. I thought she is a kind person who only want to talk to my sales person but she wasn’t. She told me that “This is a good opportunity that we can talk about work now. So tell us whatever you want to say ” I also met other persons of the company that I always talk on the phone.
We had great time in the meeting and we rebuilt the good relationship between us.

Hopefully I will meet others customers as well probably only talking on the phone isn’t enough to have credit from customers. Customer service needs to meet in person at least once. Then things might be changed.

To back to what I was saying, the main person in charge is single and moved up into a management position. Could she be it because she is single and she makes time for herself a lot?
That’s also what I thought about her too and I’m married and I am worried about my career.


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