New year resolution !

2013 is closed to end !
What I did this year is
1. Became a regular employee.
2. Got married

Well, above is good things.
But I had a bad thing too. My mother passed away. I won’t forget the tragedy but I could move forward by my husband support.
Anyway my life had up and down this year.

Next year I want to change my appearance.
I am 27 years old now and I decided to do dental makeover.
I am having summer teeth and I’ve hated this . I know it’s late to start it but now is time for me.

Also I want to change my action.
I sometimes don’t think about things deeply and decide things in early stage.
So next year I am going to take things seriously.

My bad habit is waking up late so I want to wake up early at least my husband.
He is rigid than me and think carefully!
Opposite type over me !!
So he might be good sample!

Anyway I am do my best next year and keep on smiling.
Happy holiday everyone!!


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