Christmas !!

It’s Christmas today but it’s ordinary working day here in Japan.
Sounds like we don’t care about Christmas in this country but we do.
Christmas is a day for a couple.
If people don’t have a girlfriend or boyfriend , they rush to find someone nice by Christmas and if they have one, they spend Christmas Eve or Christmas with someone nice.
Here is an example.
My coworker left office earlier today (it’s a bunch of work on his desk ).
His plan is just not have dinner with her girlfriend but also he is going to propose her today!! He told us he wanted to do it today!
Personally I have seen the real Christmas event when I was in Canada so I feel that spending christmas with girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t right. Before my marriage, my husband stayed alone on Christmas and he complained šŸ˜¦ why?
No offense this Japanese way and everyone couple looks very happy though.


Before Christmas, my husband and I went have dinner at wedding restaurant where we had our wedding party.
Dinner is delicious and so glad to reunion with our wedding planners.
My husband gave me Christmas present for me with letter. It’s been 6 months since we got married.
This time is meaningful time..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year : )


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