Long new year holiday!

My work in 2013 has done. Whoo whoo ! And 9 days long New Years holiday has begun!
It will be good holiday to stay away work and have a wonderful time with my family and friends but work after long holiday would be pits. Especially I hate checking lots of emails in-box and organize them. I will pay someone money if I can hire someone to do that.

The first day of the holiday, I had lunch with my sister’s family and my sister’s mother in law.
We prepared Sushi,salad,fried tofu( it’s tofu but taste like chicken. Very healthy and damn testy!), Italian cuisine “acqua pazza” and a bottle of wine! We enjoyed the wine in this afternoon having lunch : )


My husband and I got my niece and nephew belated Christmas presents. My nephew is 1.5months year old and my niece is only 4 months old. They don’t get what Christmas is. Looked like they were happy. They are babies and their smiles are emotional support.
By bonding with them, I started to think about having a kid and learned meaning of the existence of kids.

My sister’s mother in law, she always nice to us too. Since my sister and I got married and had a new family in law too.
I love to communicate them and even though my mom passed away, my mother in law and my sister’s mother in law helped us alots. Next year’s Xmas , I wish I could get my nephew and my niece “a cousin”.


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