The second day of long holiday.

The second day of the long holiday, I was pretty lazy today.
My husband and I had brunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant.


later, we went buy sweet gifts for my relatives and friends in my hometown.
In this long holiday, we will visit my husband hometown on Dec 31 and Jan 1 and his hometown is close and we will visit my hometown from Jan1 in the afternoon to Jan 5. My hometown is far from here and at least it takes two hours to get there by bullet train. Every time we bring something nice sweets to them. My hometown is rural area so rare things make them happy. Of course there are lots of great thing over there too !
I can buy souvenirs at the airport or stations but I’m tired of it. So I tried to buy it at department store. I heard that if we buy something for someone and we should find the best thing for the receiver. Then the receiver is happy and also give attention to the sender as well. I don’t need them in return but this is ” O mo te an shi” !! which is giving something for nothing! Japanese mind!

After buying souvenirs, I bought birthday present for my mother in law and this is first present to her!
I decided to buy groves to survive this cold winter and it’s user-friendly! The day I give it to her, I will bring some cakes as well.

After that, my husband and I went buy contact lenses. We usually wear glasses but occasionally we put in contact lenses.
It’s waste money but it’s too scary to do lesik.

We are tired to do shopping.
My husband has a cold so I made rice gruel with salmon flake, chopped ginger, green chive and pickled plum for dinner.
That made our body warm.

I will stay at home and clean up rooms tomorrow.



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