Virgin Radio FM99.9 Toronto

The third day of long holiday…
I woke up late early this morning and cleaned rooms very much. I became to feel good so I made spaghetti for my lunch.
My husband wasn’t at home so this lunch all for mine!
During making lunch, I was chatting with my Canadian friend in Toronto.
Recently, the electric power was out in Toronto and the place his girlfriend is living in, she couldn’t use the power for three days.
Anyway, he is doing great!
After lunch, I started to clean up again and I also took a nap too but it was too long nap and when I wake up,it was almost dinner time!
Today’s dinner was Japanese radish salad and consommé soup. With my weight in mind, I try not to have too much carbohydrate at dinner. So today only salad and soup.
But still I can’t stop having a glass of wine after dinner 😛 Only a glass of wine!

After dinner, I went running. I always do running when I don’t have work listening to Virgin Radio FM 99.9 Toronto with my iPhone.
That radio reminded me of life in Toronto,Canada.
Today, I ran like crazy and got my iPhone out of my pocket. I was very shocked and my iPhone got a little hurt.
display cover protect my iPhone . Thank cover! Anyway…I already got over it and am writing blog.


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