Physiological game

Hi everyone 🙂 How are you today?
I am doing great.
There is a psychological game and my coworkers and I played it today!

Ok, there are words “a bridge”, “a rabbit”, “a key”, “a treasure box”, and “yourself “. Please make a sentence with the 5 words.
It’s so funny. Each person came up with a different sentence!

Mine is I cross a bridge holding my rabbit and find a key and open a treasure box!

One of coworkers is she has a key and looks for a treasure box. When she cross a bridge, she meet a rabbit and the rabbit guide her the direction to the treasure box.

These words have meaning!

Yourself is you.
Treasure box is bright future.
Key is love.
Bridge is life.
Rabbit is important person for you.

In case of mine, important person is my husband so I control my husband because I holding him and I said my rabbit, so it feel like treating him like my pet.
And we find key together and open it!
So overall, I control him and we walked together to the bright future holding love each other, maybe.
It’s just a psychological test. So it’s not so big deal but I think at least we show own personality to others for a little.


Birthday present

This Saturday , I went to hot spring with my husband. Actually this is a part of my birthday present from him.
There are hot spring, Video games, ping pong, bedrock bath, reading manga and all that jazz.

My shoulders were like rock now so hot spring and bedrock bath worked very much. My husband doesn’t like hot place so he couldn’t stay more than 10mins in the bedrock bath.
I slept for 20mis in 42℃. It was a good nap!
We played video game too. Do you remember Super NES?
We played it when we were a kid. A boy asked us how to use it. Time has changed. He even didn’t know how to insert the cassette. He looked it strangely. Anyway we played Mario cart which I am good at
We also played pingpong. It was good exercise. There were lots of couples were playing.
We could be very relaxed! I want to come here once a month :p

After the hot spring, we went to a department store to buy train lunch box. It’s popular in Japan and selling the lunch box at train station and each station is selling original lunch box.
It uses original goodies at the station.
The department is holding the exhibition so we buy it for our dinner.
It smelled so good and mine was pork with soy sauce lunch box and my husband was crab lunch box.
We also bought croquette.


I didn’t house work this Saturday.
So I did very much on Sunday.

I have a question to people who speaks French.
I am thinking of it now but no one speak French around me.
So I am worried if I can study myself.
If you have your opinion, please comment.
Thank you!

My birthday

January 22 was my birthday.
I’ve turned 28!
I really appreciate lots of birthday wishes 🙂 and my parents. Especially my mom.
When I was a high school student, Age 28 is very adult and I wanted to be become them. The fact of life is different. My personality isn’t changed so much. Nothing changed except freshness skin
in my face.

One of my resolution in 2014 is I am going to be pregnant and become like my mom. So today I made an appointment with my doctor to get the MMR vaccine. This is first step for me.
Still I am wondering if I can be a mother? What if I need to take fertility treatment? Could I go through this?
I have so much things in my mind and I know I should think positive!

My Saturday this weekend

Weekend is over. I had a fun time this Saturday.

1. Had lunch with my coworkers and our ex-customer.

Recently the customer quit her company and now she is looking for a job.
She looks happy and relaxed. She told us what happened in the company and what made her decide to quit.
She was tired of her manager who evaded responsibilities and didn’t decide things by the manager.
I thought how Important a boss or a manager acts and it effects us. I am happy that I could make a good relationship with her through futsal after her retirement. That’s good. We are now just friends.
This photo is my main in lunch. The beef is very soft. I feel a smell of red wine from it 🙂 white sauce is cheesy. Love the combination!


2. Watched “Gravity ” at a movie theatre.
After good bye with my coworkers and the ex-customer, I went to a movie theatre with my husband.
Finally we watched “Gravity”. At the begging, I thought it was boring and I felt I might chose wrong one! But it was NOT!
The Plot was simple but through surviving the universe, it taught us that we live strongly by own foot.
There are some advices from family, friends and people who involve our life. But at the end of day, we need to decide and judge what is the best thing for us. It felt it from the movie. And the Visual was beautiful and I am sure it will be had Academy Award for Visual Effects !!

3. Bought new clothes
Now it’s clearance sale season here. I bought 4 new clothes less than 100$.
My husband bought nice one too. We both are happy!! I don’t often go shopping so every season I am in trouble.
I mean it take me lots of time to decide clothes because I don’t have lots of the kinds of clothes. I got 4 so loss time will be shorter than now!!

This is my fantastic Saturday. Lots of smiles and thoughtful day !

Weekly Photo Challenge:Family


This is my grandma, aunt, nephew and niece. Since my mother passed away, my grandma and my aunt are mental support. My nephew and my niece let me forget the tragedy for a while.
Thank you very much for being my family.
And Mom, I wish you were there in the photo too.


This post is very weird and I also feel guilty. Thing is that I have a male friend and he told me that he liked me before I got married.
It so confused me and still I am confused. Coz I still have opportunity to meet him and he is my husband’s friend too. Maybe I am too serious but honestly I felt something to him too but it was before we were in relationship. Even another my friend said “Did he get over you?” I just said “We were nothing and good friends ” but I can’t tell anyone about his confession. It’s just stack in my mind and I want to recover awkward air with him.
Is it difficult to rebuild this friendship like before?

My decision and pressure!

After the long new year holiday, again, I had 3 days holiday. During this holiday, the start day of dental makeover. It will be on FEB 8th.The reason I decided to do this is pictures of my wedding. I smiled very much and it was unforgettable day. But my misalinged my teeth messed my smile.Than’s why I decided it !! I am very happy to recieve the relief from my complex. To do dental makeover, I promised one thing with my husband. “If I pass my parmanent employee examination, I’ll do dental makeover.” It costs too much so I thought I should pressure me on something. Finally I passed it!!

Are you familiar with Ikebana ? It’s Japanese flower arrangement. When I went to a department store, I saw some displays of ikebana today.Theme is New Year! It is tremendous impact and beautiful. Every season, I look forward to the new display.
How do you think?



My birthday is coming soon and my husband present me new iPod nano today! I had the original one so I was very surprised that compact sharpe.
I use everyday to study English ! It’s instrumental in improving my listening skill. It is still long way but it’s gift from him. I am sure that I will do my best.
Since 2014 started, it’s been 2 weeks. I’ve been waking up earlier than my husband so far. One of resolution is so far so good.
I want to stay with him under the warm sun every moment 🙂