2014 has begun !

A happy new year everyone!!
2014 has begun and hope lots of happiness are brought to you all 🙂

It’s 4th day of the long holiday!
This morning I had Japanese traditional seasonable food called “Osechi” which is eaten on new year.
My family make it every year but my husband’s family buy it.
Each dishes have meaning regarding health, money and so on.


After having Osechi, my mother in law and my younger brother in law visited temple to make wishes for coming year. My husband and I are in
mourning, so we couldn’t.

This is first time to spend new year holiday with his family.
Now we are in bullet train to my hometown.
It’s first time for him to stay at my parents’s house at new year holiday too. I’m looking for his reaction to the way my family celebrate !!


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