New Year Eve

The 3rd day of this holiday.
Today is the end of 2013 and I am at my husband’s hometown. I was very nervous to visit here this time.
I had to stay here tonight and I am not good at cooking so I didn’t want to show my cooking skill to mother in law. I don’t mean I hate cooking! I am very motivated to do cooking.

Before I arrived here, I bought some cakes for my mother’s belated birthday and got on train.
She was very happy on the cakes and gloves my husband and I bought.

After having cakes together, we went shopping for food. We targeted sales times but the time sales didn’t start when we were there. We waited for the time sales for 30 mins but it didn’t and we gave up. We went home and started to prepare dinner.
In our tradition, we eat year-crossing noodle at the end day of the year but the most people have it at dinner so it’s non-literalistic.
Ham,cheese and veggies were prepared as well.


After dinner, I helped my mother in law to make sushi. This is pressed sushi.

I learned how my family in law treat New year eve. It’s totally different with my family. But nice!
I took some pics so I will make sushi next year.

Happy New Year everyone. Best wishes for your 2014.


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