Internet and SNS

Finally my long New Years holiday is done ! And I am on my way to work.
I was sick during holiday and once I recovered ,my husband got sick.
I was tired to do housework my self. During holiday, my aunt asked me Facebook. Recently her grandson was born. And she didn’t tell anyone about it soon. However people told her “congratulations on your new-born grand kid ” and she realized that everyone knew it from the post which her son posted on Facebook.
How speedy the information spread.
I am also Facebook user but I only post good things to only friends. Sometimes I have bad or sad news but I don’t post it. Coz the kind of news is only for close friends, not for all my friends in Facebook. And good things make people happy too.
The way we use internet scares me sometimes and we need to judge what right thing is.

My dad bought a smart phone for the first time. Hope he use it correctly.



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