One of conversation

In lunch time, I had interesting conversation with my coworker.

Topic 1 : Ideal type

Each person has ideal type and favorite appearance we want to ask opposite sex.
I don’t want a handsome man and I expect his personality. The reason I don’t want a handsome man, I don’t have a confidence to stay with him because I might pale by comprising to him and I also worry about attention from other girls to him.
I love my face and being myself and I do love my husband. So for me he’s perfect.
My coworker’s opinion is opposite.
She want a nice looking guy and ask him things she doesn’t have.
She said “not only nice looking men cheat on you. It’s his decision if he does. He could say “No”. So we need to find someone can say “No” . ”
I think personality never change easily so cheating someone never change too and it depends on how much we believe him/her.
Who knows?? 20 years later, a couple might divorce. We can’t guarantee it.
And There must be persons who love each other till die 🙂

Topic 2: work after marriage

I didn’t quit my job when I got married.
My coworker is single but she has the same thought. I want to connect society and I don’t want to sacrifice all my life to only my kids and my husband but also work and hubby.
And if my husband can’t work, I want to make ends meet by myself for my family.
My sister and her sister, both of them got marriage and now stay-at-home mom. They live with only husband’s salary. It’s great to have a wonderful family but they also rely their life after marriage on their husband financially.
Does they have to hold their desire?
It’s not our business but we just simply wonder!! What if they want to buy something?
Now I really worry about my sister.
My coworkers told me that her sister got married without knowing using money for herself so she thinks she is like spending a lots of money.

Especially sisters , we naturally compare each other.
Our sisters are living in different life.
One is a greatest mom and wife and another is workaholic.

Just we talked but I was happy to find someone who satisfy with.


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