My decision and pressure!

After the long new year holiday, again, I had 3 days holiday. During this holiday, the start day of dental makeover. It will be on FEB 8th.The reason I decided to do this is pictures of my wedding. I smiled very much and it was unforgettable day. But my misalinged my teeth messed my smile.Than’s why I decided it !! I am very happy to recieve the relief from my complex. To do dental makeover, I promised one thing with my husband. “If I pass my parmanent employee examination, I’ll do dental makeover.” It costs too much so I thought I should pressure me on something. Finally I passed it!!

Are you familiar with Ikebana ? It’s Japanese flower arrangement. When I went to a department store, I saw some displays of ikebana today.Theme is New Year! It is tremendous impact and beautiful. Every season, I look forward to the new display.
How do you think?



My birthday is coming soon and my husband present me new iPod nano today! I had the original one so I was very surprised that compact sharpe.
I use everyday to study English ! It’s instrumental in improving my listening skill. It is still long way but it’s gift from him. I am sure that I will do my best.
Since 2014 started, it’s been 2 weeks. I’ve been waking up earlier than my husband so far. One of resolution is so far so good.
I want to stay with him under the warm sun every moment 🙂


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