My Saturday this weekend

Weekend is over. I had a fun time this Saturday.

1. Had lunch with my coworkers and our ex-customer.

Recently the customer quit her company and now she is looking for a job.
She looks happy and relaxed. She told us what happened in the company and what made her decide to quit.
She was tired of her manager who evaded responsibilities and didn’t decide things by the manager.
I thought how Important a boss or a manager acts and it effects us. I am happy that I could make a good relationship with her through futsal after her retirement. That’s good. We are now just friends.
This photo is my main in lunch. The beef is very soft. I feel a smell of red wine from it 🙂 white sauce is cheesy. Love the combination!


2. Watched “Gravity ” at a movie theatre.
After good bye with my coworkers and the ex-customer, I went to a movie theatre with my husband.
Finally we watched “Gravity”. At the begging, I thought it was boring and I felt I might chose wrong one! But it was NOT!
The Plot was simple but through surviving the universe, it taught us that we live strongly by own foot.
There are some advices from family, friends and people who involve our life. But at the end of day, we need to decide and judge what is the best thing for us. It felt it from the movie. And the Visual was beautiful and I am sure it will be had Academy Award for Visual Effects !!

3. Bought new clothes
Now it’s clearance sale season here. I bought 4 new clothes less than 100$.
My husband bought nice one too. We both are happy!! I don’t often go shopping so every season I am in trouble.
I mean it take me lots of time to decide clothes because I don’t have lots of the kinds of clothes. I got 4 so loss time will be shorter than now!!

This is my fantastic Saturday. Lots of smiles and thoughtful day !


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