Birthday present

This Saturday , I went to hot spring with my husband. Actually this is a part of my birthday present from him.
There are hot spring, Video games, ping pong, bedrock bath, reading manga and all that jazz.

My shoulders were like rock now so hot spring and bedrock bath worked very much. My husband doesn’t like hot place so he couldn’t stay more than 10mins in the bedrock bath.
I slept for 20mis in 42℃. It was a good nap!
We played video game too. Do you remember Super NES?
We played it when we were a kid. A boy asked us how to use it. Time has changed. He even didn’t know how to insert the cassette. He looked it strangely. Anyway we played Mario cart which I am good at
We also played pingpong. It was good exercise. There were lots of couples were playing.
We could be very relaxed! I want to come here once a month :p

After the hot spring, we went to a department store to buy train lunch box. It’s popular in Japan and selling the lunch box at train station and each station is selling original lunch box.
It uses original goodies at the station.
The department is holding the exhibition so we buy it for our dinner.
It smelled so good and mine was pork with soy sauce lunch box and my husband was crab lunch box.
We also bought croquette.


I didn’t house work this Saturday.
So I did very much on Sunday.

I have a question to people who speaks French.
I am thinking of it now but no one speak French around me.
So I am worried if I can study myself.
If you have your opinion, please comment.
Thank you!

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