Physiological game

Hi everyone 🙂 How are you today?
I am doing great.
There is a psychological game and my coworkers and I played it today!

Ok, there are words “a bridge”, “a rabbit”, “a key”, “a treasure box”, and “yourself “. Please make a sentence with the 5 words.
It’s so funny. Each person came up with a different sentence!

Mine is I cross a bridge holding my rabbit and find a key and open a treasure box!

One of coworkers is she has a key and looks for a treasure box. When she cross a bridge, she meet a rabbit and the rabbit guide her the direction to the treasure box.

These words have meaning!

Yourself is you.
Treasure box is bright future.
Key is love.
Bridge is life.
Rabbit is important person for you.

In case of mine, important person is my husband so I control my husband because I holding him and I said my rabbit, so it feel like treating him like my pet.
And we find key together and open it!
So overall, I control him and we walked together to the bright future holding love each other, maybe.
It’s just a psychological test. So it’s not so big deal but I think at least we show own personality to others for a little.


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