Baby-sitter and Buddhism !

This weekend was very busy…

On Saturday , I did baby-sitter my niece and nephew.
They are pretty good kids but they can’t speak yet so sometimes it’s hard to understand what we say to them.
But they are like angels for me. Their smiles are priceless!
You know, my nephew Leo is one and a half year old and he likes to clap his hands and imitate TV commercial. He gives me his toys and ask me to play with him.
And my niece Milei is just 6 months. I love holding her in my arms. She is a little chubby so it’s hard to keep holding but I love her cottage cheese body.
She looks like to learn something from her brother. I feel she has strong insight.
I am looking forward to their growing.

On Sunday , I visited my husband’s hometown and attended the Buddhist memorial service of his father. My hometown and his hometown have different religion in type. So the Buddhist sutra is different too and this memorial service is held every year but my hometown doesn’t.
Ok, I think there are lots of things I will have to learn about his hometown and I might complain something about mother in low! Then, please listen!!
I am still tired to talk with her and I am scared to her reactions.
Probably married women face the experience and we have to get over it in parallel with new like with your husband.
We’ll see.

Chinese lunar new year is almost over and my work is getting busy.
Get off my butt 🙂


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