Load to glory!

Sochi Olympic is finally over.
I watched great scenes a lots and brought me tears sometimes.

Speaking of Japanese athletes, I can’t ignore Mao Asada. She is the No.1 Japanese female figure skater and all Japanese expected her winning a gold medal but she couldn’t. Her performance in short program gave me quite a shock but didn’t disappoint me. I was just worried about her.
I didn’t watchable live broadcast of free program due to time differences.
The morning after free program, I checked the internet news and watched morning news on TV. I saw her tears and her face after performance.
She did very well! I felt it through her face. It wasn’t about a medal but she made people moved.

We aim a result but her free program was more than a gold medal.
She felt pressure and might be scared. That must be more than we expected and there were each story to get here, Sochi.

There is another story at semifinal in cross country.
Russian athlete’s ski was broken and Canadian coach gave him replacement.
It’s a sweet story and warm-hearted ! It’s not only just fight with enemy but also we don’t know what’s happening.


Again thank you for lots of throbs !


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