A sense of crisis

My husband attended a coaching seminar to learn about Japan in the future. Here’s the part of details.

We need to understand concept.

There was comparison between A:Starbucks and B:a budged-friendly coffee shop in Japan. Drinks in A is never reasonable but drinks in B is purse-friendly. But the coach said A doesn’t sell drinks but sell the space customers can relax and let them stay longer. B simply sell drinks so customers enjoy drinks quickly and walk out.
There’s one more difference between them. A uses a paper cup for hot drinks and B use mag cup. Because of temperature.
Dropping drink temperature rapidly in a mag cup. That’s make sense. Customers in A tend to stay longer so temperature of drinks is important and for B, the think it important to speeding up the rotation of customers.
I hadn’t thought about the concept of companies. A is the world famous coffee company and I feel rich and B’s coffee is good too. But clearly I know the differences between those two company in term of atmosphere in the stores. B in the store doesn’t look like comfortable. They just have chairs and tables. A has sofas 🙂

Have you ever been to H & M?
Which do you prefer to H&M or Zara?
I’d prefer to Zara style !
Their difference is H & M use stars for advertising and Zara is speeding up the rotation of clothes.
Both of them are fast fashion brand and reasonable but fabric isn’t good enough. Lots of girls are into it them and look gorgeous.

This is introduction of business style so we might not think about what company aim to and we try to know what’s going on in the world.
In near future, Japanese accept lots of immigrants and this island won’t only Japanese. Life style is going to be changed and even Japanese resident, we might lose job by excellent immigrants.

I think we “Japanese” doesn’t have a sense of crisis. So this change might be good for Japan. How many Japanese think of it in the same way?
My husband and I are learning about investment now. Nowadays making money isn’t only by work. We felt it’s risky but now it’s more smart way making money. To make money, we need to predict stock market by our instinct and read newspaper.
I think I am better than him 🙂
We’ll see.


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