Bachelorette time!

My husband’s spending at his parents house this weekend. So, I am alone!
Yes, back to bachelorette for only this weekend.
I sleep very well, eat what I want to, clean up singing “rude” by Magic and etc.
It’s so free and now I am blogging in Starbucks.

Being alone is important sometimes.
Both of us need a time to refresh.
We don’t have a kid yet but we are suffering lots of stress from work and just spending time alone is the best remedy.
Before coming to Starbucks, I bought underwear and socks for my husband.
I realized that I became a married woman. I saw his shabby underwear and socks yesterday. This is the reason I went out.
This weekend I could refresh so tonight I could smile to him and be nice to him. Reboot myself.


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