Junk lunch

I had lunch at McDonald’s. It’s junk food and I rarely have it but they have seasonable menu! Spring is just around corner.
Do you familiar with word “Sakura”? It means cherry blossoms.
This time their seasonable menu is “Sakura teriyaki egg burger”

(source by McDonald)

You see the pink buns which is Sakura color and tastes sweet.
Teriyaki sauce is salty-sweet and that matched the buns.
I felt spring and happy 🙂
Does McDonald in your town have seasonable menu ?
How does it like?

I think McDonald menu became healthier and better than before.
One reason I like them is about beverage. I order cold drinks without ice cubes but the quantity is the same with iced cube.
Today my husband ordered orange juice without ice cubes and it was really thin so we told workers and they took care of it with excellent,polite attitude.
It’s a small thing but important too.
Taking care of small things boost their customer service level and customers feel good.



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