New step

What I did today was I joined an English cafe today.
I studied English myself and I’ve felt limit to what I can do and finally I moved forward.
I am kind shy person so even talking to Japanese , I can’t be friendly from start.
The system at the cafe is simple.
They served me tea and speaking English. Today, a teacher and 6 people talked about marriage and relationship with family.
Two of us went through a divorce and they have kids. They taught us that how hard to keep marriage life and relationship with kids when they got married. One got tattoo with her son’s name to show how much she loves her son. Another person can’t decide to remarry because of kids.
They seemed to feel sorry to me because I am just married but I don’t think so. Their life might become my life and there’re lots of advices.
I’m very happy to listen to it in English.
Next time I want to talk more actively.
My bad point was reading atmosphere too much. I need to improvement that point.


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