Tax rate became 8% recently in Japan. I think that’s necessary for Japan and it can’t be helped. People would get used to it soon. Before raising tax rate, everyone did last minutes shopping. I bought contact lens. Today, I went to McDonald to have 100 yen burger. There are 100 yen= 1$ menus. Potion isn’t so big but for me it’s good.  My husband and I ordered 3 burgers and two cups of coffee. And it comes to 500 yen including tax. This is great because they didn’t change the price. It’s customers-friendly !


2 thoughts on “8%

  1. Yes, I’m noticing the extra tax in my daily life. The other day I had a coffee at Starbucks: from 340 yen to 345! Don’t eat often enough at McDonalds to notice a price difference.

    Hope the money the government gets from the tax is put to good use…


    • Thank you for your comment !! I better eat more healthy food otherwise I am like recommending people McDonalds 😛
      The government will raise tax from 8% to 10%. They should implement a tax rate by category.


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