Showdown at Big Sky

How do you handle conflict? Boldly and directly? Or, do you prefer a more subtle approach-The daily prompt

I don’t tell people the problem directly at the beginning. But sometimes I come up with my idea and tell them later.

Last weekend I visited my hometown to attend Buddhist memorial service for my mother. It’s been 1 year. She’s been always in my heart.
Before the day , my father asked my family very surprising question.
“What if I remarry someone, how would you think ?
I was very shocked because it’s been 1 year since my mother passed away and how come he can move forward so fast ?
I don’t think remarriage is bad cuz my sister and I wouldn’t live with him since we got married.
And the person he’s dating is my mother’s friend. Can’t believe how this happened? Three of them went to the same high school.
I want my father to be happy but how my mother think of her friend?
The house I was raised has a lot of memories with my mother so I feel like he might forget my mother and I lost my place I can go back to.
This is conflict that I am having now with myself and my father.
I need advice how I deal with this.
I even don’t know what to say to my father.


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