How I should study…

I’m studying for an exam of Dangerous goods. It will be held two weeks to go. I work for a freight forwarder as air export shipment coordinator.
There are shipments containing dangerous goods in them so this exam must be my knowledge. Just so hard because of all English.
The regulation has more than 900pages. I am working on study book but i feel like it’s so far to the end. Anyway, I will be back once it’s over.



Unexpected Guests

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

The other day, my apartment was broken by a thief and I was so scared so I can tell you that I won’t say anything to them. Just too scared to talk to them and I will get out of my house.

First Sight

Whether a person, a pet, an object, or a place, write about something or someone you connected with from the very first second.

I am very shy so I hold back myself in the first second. I wish I could be more friendly to others. Since I met lots of western people and learned their natural friendly power! They make me relax.

daily prompt

Happy Mother’s Day :)

To mothers in the world, Happy Mother’s Day πŸ™‚

This flower that I bought for my mother today.

I don’t have a kid yet so I don’t know how a mother would be.
But by seeing my mother, she sacrificed her life for me and my sister.
I realized that she was awesome since she passed away.
Such a great mother and I am so happy to being her daughter.
I wish I could announce that I’m pregnant within this year.

By the way, this is the memorable 100 posts.
Thank you everyone to visit my blog πŸ™‚
As an English learner, your comment and “like” encourage me everyday β™‘

Banana solidarity

The other day, I saw a shocked video on news.

FC Barcelona’s Brazilian defender Dani Alves was a victim of racism victim of racist due to involving a banana during a La Liga match.
A supporter through a banana to him before kicking a ball. It was an act of racial discrimination. His reaction was eating it!!
His comment was “Since I came to Spain, this situation hasn’t changed at all. So I took this back with humor. ” His comment showed reality over discrimination on a pitch.
His reaction was pretty smart but it’s so sad that this happened.
Supporters need to more respect players and games must be fun to watch.

After this incident, many soccer players started action which they hold a banana and appeal “We are all monkey ” .

Photo credit:

I hope they will change discrimination and the world by this action.
They have power to change πŸ™‚