I am just in the middle of dental makeover.
Finally 4 teeth removal was done and at next appointment , I’ll have bridge on! I believe my teeth looks good and I will smile without covering my mouth by my hand. Yey 🙂

This Monday, I went to a concert of bump of chicken who is a Japanese band.
This is the second time going to a concert and I even didn’t know their songs therefore I listened to their new album over and over. I ended up to remember lyrics of their songs 🙂
Anyway, their concert was awesome. The vocal’s voice is amazing.
He creates all of their songs and the meanings of lyrics are very deep.
Some songs is too deep to find message of the songs.
To enterprise listeners, they had virtual reality such a dance dance revolution. We saw it and crapped, singed and stepped.
My husband and I enjoyed it pretty much!

It took me so long time to finish this writing coz I am watching the World Cup Brazil vs Chile. It’s half time and score is 1-1.
How this will end ? Can’t sleep until this game is over .
It’s 2:00am now.


World Cup 2014

Samurai blue lost 2 games in the pool play and tie against Greece.
Anyway , they did a good job too and they just need level up for next 4 years. I am so proud of them and their play. It’s not about soccer, but also supporters had a great manner after watching games. They cleaned up the site. Go Japan for the next World Cup.

Happy marriage anniversary : )

It’s June 15. This is the first marriage anniversary for us.
Right after becoming June 15, my husband gave me a present!
I didn’t expect this.


The necklace made me happy but more than that I am so happy that he prepared a gift for me and about his consideration..
I knew he booked a restaurant for the day but it’s beyond my expectation.
We went to Asian restaurant. I love south Asian cuisine.
It’s spicy and sweet, the combination is great. Japanese cuisine doesn’t have the point but healthy and light food.
We had Fried shrimp with chile sauce, dumpling with fresh coriander and Pho. Food is delicious and it’s just great day !
I hope we will continue to celebrate the day every year and take care of each other in daily life. Do not forget the appreciation !! I am so happy to being his wife ♡



Antique Antics

What’s the oldest thing you own? (Toys, clothing, twinkies, Grecian urns: anything’s fair game.) Recount its history — from the object’s point of view. – Daily prompt

I am your first smart phone and we’d been together for 2 and a half years.
And what a heck? You fell in love with iPhone.
Can’t believe. You know what, I worked so hard for you and your husband before you guys got married. You guys used me when you contacted each other. I can tell you that I was the Cupid for you. After get married , you two switched to iPhone! Not only you, your husband too.
But I still love you because even though you don’t use me anymore , you still have me and I know you won’t dump me because there are many memories and conversations with your mother who passed away last year.
I am so sorry about it. I couldn’t tell you anything but It was so hard for me too because I was always with you at the time more than your husband.
I saw you cry for many time . I always think of you. Just remember that You aren’t alone.

Love your first smart phone

Having a sip of wine!

Finally the exam of dangerous goods was over!!! Yeeeeeaaaahhhhhh!
I don’t know how it will goes but I did my best ! Stress free living started again. During study for exam, I banned to drinking alcohols and using iPad.
It was hard for me not to drink with my husband.
I realized that I need to study English too. So right after the exam, I went to a bookstore to buy a book in English.
This time “Message in a bottle” by Nicholas Sparks.
I am a fun of his books. I’ve already read “Dear John” and “Notebook”.
I empathize with his books. I’ll report how I felt and think about it.