Human being

Now a charity tv program is airing in Japan which called “24 hours TV”.
It’s airing 24 hours on TV and showing many challenges such a disability person climbs a mountain and etc.

One of project was about victim from tsunami, as you know the eastern Japan earthquake in 2011. Lots of suffers felt crushed and can’t get over it.
The theme of this project about junior high school students who couldn’t sing a song by the shock.
It’s no wonder this happened because they lost lots of people they love.
At the graduation ceremony, we usually sing a song for the bright future wishing success but they couldn’t.
So their music teacher changed a song and made a song and lyric came from diary between the teacher and students.
Now they can sing a song and time healed them but the music teacher put every effort for them. She did everything to them to sing great songs again.
I think back about human relationship. When we get hurt, we can’t go though without people. Money and things are useless. I want to be a person who care about other’s feeling and support person.


How much I use English this week?

I am an English learner so it’s great to have opportunity to use English .

This week was a hard week because I had a problem at work.
I had a shipment to Asian country but before carrying it in airline warehouse, the airline I booked refused my booking. There’re things we can’t enclose in the same parcel and we did. But how come they informed us so late? Since then, we’ve been in trouble and I urgently emailed local office to explains the situation and explained my customer as well.
Lots of conversations with my local people, it’s getting close to the end.
After work, I watched “drop dead diva” everyday and slept.
I dreamed about work too.

Today is Saturday. I went to English cafe to talk with foreigners.
I exploded what happened this week to them. Mast of people was first meeting. I spoke very well today. My work problem might improve my English !

Family is….

This weekend I met my friend who is married and became a mother after all this time. We are used to be colleagues and now become one of good friends. But both of us are very busy so we meet up like every six months.
This time, I also met her husband and her daughter.
She is very adorable like her mom and he dotes on her 😉

During lunch time, we just focused on taking care of her daughter, terrible twos. It was so fun to talk with her daughter too.
I got used to eating with a little kid because of my nephew and my niece and I like talking care of them even though I can’t eat very much. I am so happy to see their smile and say “it’s delicious :)”
Anyway, we couldn’t have lunch enough. After lunch we finally focused on conversation. She brought up her parents. He mother warns to divorce and her father denied it. In the meantime, her mother has a boyfriend and is living with him. She decided not to live together with her husband anymore. My friend, she knew her parents were totally over so she thinks they should move on. Every family has own problem. Like my family does .

We mainly talked about family this time. I hope she won’t be worried about her parents anymore and mine too.

Oh no Garret!


I finally finished reading a book “massage in a bottle “.
The plot is….
Theresa is a journalist and divorced mother. She found a message in a bottle during jogging and the massage was from Garret to Catharine, Garret’s late wife.
She was touched by reading the massage and wanted to meet the person Garret. At the same time, she posted a column in the paper but didn’t mention about the detail and Garret.
She met him and they became to started to close. Garret got along with her son, Kevin as well.
I thought Theresa and Garret would be going well but Garret’s gone.
He passed away due to a marine accident. It happened at the time they argued. He knew he shouldn’t have sailed out due to bad weather.

I am sure that their love is true love. Garret wrote messages to Catharine and Theresa found it so That assumed me Catharine let them together because she wanted him to be happy with her and wanted to get over her death.
I was so sad when I read the ending and thought about my husband and realized he’s irreplaceable for me and we might not stay together for a long time we expect. Life is always adventure.
Nicholas Sparks didn’t betray me this time too.

Please let me know if you have a recommended book.

The importance of school

Have you ever asked someone to do your homework ?
Usually elementary school has summer vacation for 1.5month.
There must be homework from school like writing a book report, free investigation , workbook and so on.
Recently summer homework became a big issue because there’re companies who do someone’s homework. The problem is not the companies. It’s customers. They think homework from school isn’t important and it’s waste of time for thier kids so they pay money to the companies. Do they think homework from school is more important than a cram school?
If I am a parent, homework must be top priority and there’s no waste of things in the homework. Life is always hard and we need to handle things we don’t need in school and work. These parents let their kids lie to school teacher in cool blood? Instead of using the companies or going a cram school, parents need to learn about the importance of school.

It’s my bad …..

The other day, an awkward moment happened between my older coworker and me.
I introduced my male friend to her in Apr but both of them were busy so they didn’t meet only them. I knew the situation and I found it out they didn’t go well and it happens all the time when we introduce people to someone.
At the end of July, we worked outside the office, she brought him up!!!!
At the point , I knew my male friend had someone nice in his mind but officially she wasn’t his girlfriend so I thought she might still have a chance.
But she texted him and knew someone in his mind 😦
And, she texted me and it was kind “complaint”. Because I said “you can ask him out to dinner. “?
Should I really say someone in his mind at that time?
I chose my friend because he and she would go well. But timing and their conversation , I can’t take responsibility of these things.
At the end of the day, she appreciated this opportunity but I don’t know I will introduce someone to her again.
Hope this awkward atmosphere won’t affect work.

If you have any tips when you introduce someone, please let me know.


What if we suffer from life-threaten disease ?
How people treat you and how many people support you?

Last weekend, I watched 50/50. A man had a cancer at Age 27 and his family, friends and people around him take it in each different way.
His mother is taking care of her husband who struggles with Alzheimer’s.
So his father doesn’t understand the situation.
He has a best friend who is only interested in girls but always stays with him.
His girlfriend can’t stand to see him and finally cheated on him.
He has a mental therapist at hospital and they begin to love and he also
People who have a cancer too.

Each person is important for him.
About his girlfriend, I understood her feeling coz when my mother fought over a difficult disease, I also wanted to run away from the reality and I thought she didn’t deserve it. I felt my old self.

His best friend, he is the real best friend. He always assumed cheerfulness and joked around. But not only like that, he also read books to understand cancer and said anything for him.

His mother is always worried about him and his got tired of it.
But the metal therapist , she taught him how you treat his mother.
Mother never stop worrying about a kid and he realized that he needs to change his act and after that, he and the therapist was closed.
Chemotherapy didn’t work well and he got operation. It went well 🙂
Finally he and the the therapist had a date.

It’s a pretty good story and I feel like I saw real human drama.
This kind of stuff always test human relationship.
I should have done more for my mother and it’s late. It’s hard to see this kind of movies because I remember my mother but I couldn’t stay with her.
I am very sorry for my mother so I might feel punishing myself.