What if we suffer from life-threaten disease ?
How people treat you and how many people support you?

Last weekend, I watched 50/50. A man had a cancer at Age 27 and his family, friends and people around him take it in each different way.
His mother is taking care of her husband who struggles with Alzheimer’s.
So his father doesn’t understand the situation.
He has a best friend who is only interested in girls but always stays with him.
His girlfriend can’t stand to see him and finally cheated on him.
He has a mental therapist at hospital and they begin to love and he also
People who have a cancer too.

Each person is important for him.
About his girlfriend, I understood her feeling coz when my mother fought over a difficult disease, I also wanted to run away from the reality and I thought she didn’t deserve it. I felt my old self.

His best friend, he is the real best friend. He always assumed cheerfulness and joked around. But not only like that, he also read books to understand cancer and said anything for him.

His mother is always worried about him and his got tired of it.
But the metal therapist , she taught him how you treat his mother.
Mother never stop worrying about a kid and he realized that he needs to change his act and after that, he and the therapist was closed.
Chemotherapy didn’t work well and he got operation. It went well 🙂
Finally he and the the therapist had a date.

It’s a pretty good story and I feel like I saw real human drama.
This kind of stuff always test human relationship.
I should have done more for my mother and it’s late. It’s hard to see this kind of movies because I remember my mother but I couldn’t stay with her.
I am very sorry for my mother so I might feel punishing myself.


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