It’s my bad …..

The other day, an awkward moment happened between my older coworker and me.
I introduced my male friend to her in Apr but both of them were busy so they didn’t meet only them. I knew the situation and I found it out they didn’t go well and it happens all the time when we introduce people to someone.
At the end of July, we worked outside the office, she brought him up!!!!
At the point , I knew my male friend had someone nice in his mind but officially she wasn’t his girlfriend so I thought she might still have a chance.
But she texted him and knew someone in his mind 😦
And, she texted me and it was kind “complaint”. Because I said “you can ask him out to dinner. “?
Should I really say someone in his mind at that time?
I chose my friend because he and she would go well. But timing and their conversation , I can’t take responsibility of these things.
At the end of the day, she appreciated this opportunity but I don’t know I will introduce someone to her again.
Hope this awkward atmosphere won’t affect work.

If you have any tips when you introduce someone, please let me know.


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