Oh no Garret!


I finally finished reading a book “massage in a bottle “.
The plot is….
Theresa is a journalist and divorced mother. She found a message in a bottle during jogging and the massage was from Garret to Catharine, Garret’s late wife.
She was touched by reading the massage and wanted to meet the person Garret. At the same time, she posted a column in the paper but didn’t mention about the detail and Garret.
She met him and they became to started to close. Garret got along with her son, Kevin as well.
I thought Theresa and Garret would be going well but Garret’s gone.
He passed away due to a marine accident. It happened at the time they argued. He knew he shouldn’t have sailed out due to bad weather.

I am sure that their love is true love. Garret wrote messages to Catharine and Theresa found it so That assumed me Catharine let them together because she wanted him to be happy with her and wanted to get over her death.
I was so sad when I read the ending and thought about my husband and realized he’s irreplaceable for me and we might not stay together for a long time we expect. Life is always adventure.
Nicholas Sparks didn’t betray me this time too.

Please let me know if you have a recommended book.


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