Family is….

This weekend I met my friend who is married and became a mother after all this time. We are used to be colleagues and now become one of good friends. But both of us are very busy so we meet up like every six months.
This time, I also met her husband and her daughter.
She is very adorable like her mom and he dotes on her 😉

During lunch time, we just focused on taking care of her daughter, terrible twos. It was so fun to talk with her daughter too.
I got used to eating with a little kid because of my nephew and my niece and I like talking care of them even though I can’t eat very much. I am so happy to see their smile and say “it’s delicious :)”
Anyway, we couldn’t have lunch enough. After lunch we finally focused on conversation. She brought up her parents. He mother warns to divorce and her father denied it. In the meantime, her mother has a boyfriend and is living with him. She decided not to live together with her husband anymore. My friend, she knew her parents were totally over so she thinks they should move on. Every family has own problem. Like my family does .

We mainly talked about family this time. I hope she won’t be worried about her parents anymore and mine too.


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