How much I use English this week?

I am an English learner so it’s great to have opportunity to use English .

This week was a hard week because I had a problem at work.
I had a shipment to Asian country but before carrying it in airline warehouse, the airline I booked refused my booking. There’re things we can’t enclose in the same parcel and we did. But how come they informed us so late? Since then, we’ve been in trouble and I urgently emailed local office to explains the situation and explained my customer as well.
Lots of conversations with my local people, it’s getting close to the end.
After work, I watched “drop dead diva” everyday and slept.
I dreamed about work too.

Today is Saturday. I went to English cafe to talk with foreigners.
I exploded what happened this week to them. Mast of people was first meeting. I spoke very well today. My work problem might improve my English !


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