Human being

Now a charity tv program is airing in Japan which called “24 hours TV”.
It’s airing 24 hours on TV and showing many challenges such a disability person climbs a mountain and etc.

One of project was about victim from tsunami, as you know the eastern Japan earthquake in 2011. Lots of suffers felt crushed and can’t get over it.
The theme of this project about junior high school students who couldn’t sing a song by the shock.
It’s no wonder this happened because they lost lots of people they love.
At the graduation ceremony, we usually sing a song for the bright future wishing success but they couldn’t.
So their music teacher changed a song and made a song and lyric came from diary between the teacher and students.
Now they can sing a song and time healed them but the music teacher put every effort for them. She did everything to them to sing great songs again.
I think back about human relationship. When we get hurt, we can’t go though without people. Money and things are useless. I want to be a person who care about other’s feeling and support person.


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