Open a Pandora’s box !

Since the Scotland ‘s independent vote was over, I’ve thinking about my country. I can’t imagine that my country would be separated.
And now , Spain is having the issue. Catalonia is planned independence referendum. Pandora’s box has opened !


Modern sushi

You might like Sushi !
The other day, I cooked “Inari sushi” which is a pouch of fried tofu typically filled with sushi rice alone.
This time I cooked different type of it.

Left foreground is salmon caviar and avocado on the rice.
Right foreground is flaked salmon and salmon caviar!
The combination was great !
Typical Japanese food is good but if it turn to be whimsy , more people love it ♥️

MOOC (massive online open course)

I’ve just started MOOC !!
It’s hard for me to study abroad in my circumstances but I still want to learn something in English. That must keep my English and that’s a different approach to improve learning English.
I read books and write my blog here and sometimes go English cafe to have conversations with English speakers. It’s not enough but I try as much as I can.
As the beginning, I chose a course “crafting an effective writer: tools of the trade (fundamental english writer)” . This is gonna work for me as a blogger and I can restudy grammar and how we make a sentence.
I make lots of errors on my English and this is also chance to fix my bad habit.
There’re lots of courses so I hope I will try and learn new things !

Bring on!

This week was pretty hard at work.
Lots of problems happened in a row ! Before it happened, my team at work planned to go drink with persons in charge of my client. One of the problems is about a shipment of them! So it was supposed to be fun night but we were getting scared to meet them because of it!

However , it turned out to be a great social together 🙂
We didn’t talk about it and mostly it was about hobby, dating, much about private! It’s great to share a little private things and both of us would become more friendly and I’m sure this get- together will have a positive effect on both of us : P

There are lots of problem right in front of our eyes but our team work it’s the best ! We will go thorough this but we decided to go to shrine to cut bad luck.
Look at the following website . This is introduction of the shrine.