Believe or not….

Do you believe spiritual?
The other day, I met person who read spiritual things and communicate with guardian sprit. He’s just usual person, but he feels spiritual power strongly.
He also recognize what type people is by reading person’s name in kanji.

What I asked him was about family and my career.
Let’s start with my career. According to him, I am not good at managing time and that make me stressed out. And I see an issue in black and white terms, so that’s one of reasons I am irritated.
So he advised me that make a time table scheduling and try to make free time and it relax myself, which is synergistic effect .
A samurai is behind of me as guardian sprit now and the samurai leads my daily life and save me

Regarding my family, he started to talk about my mother. He predicted her disease and what was going on. I only told him that my mother is gone.
1.She wasn’t so aggressiveness > yes, she was .
2.She had a sudden bad disease, which is not curable today .> yes, she did.

I felt so scared. He could tell about future whatever he comes up with but about past, he couldn’t. I definitely said “It was wrong!”
But it was all correct. He told me that my mother hasn’t become Buddha yet and she even hasn’t notice that she was dead.
I was very shocked and couldn’t stop think about it.
My mother might be going through the hardest path. I wish she stayed in heaven and became Buddha. Couldn’t stop crying…..

I don’t know how much I believe him but this isn’t fortune tell.
He might really talk with other world.
Whether or not, i appreciated his advices.


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