Help patient

I watched famous Japanese drama about a maverick lawyer.
Yesterday’s court case was that a husband had a intractable disease and a doctor used a test reagent which was safe but, he ended up passing away. So , the wife filed the lawsuit.
The maverick lawyer was for the defense and he won.
He said

you(the wife) should blame the medical science and not the doctor. His death isn’t acceptable but could be contributed his live to the advancement of medical science. And you embrace life.

My mother also had a intractable disease (Chronic idiopathic intestinal pseudo-obstruction CIIPs)and passed away.
So I know how she felt and it’s so hard to get over it because she couldn’t do anything even though she was beside him. However, I never hate or blame doctors on the disease. I know they did do the best and the best part was my mother liked and believed them.

I found a new point through his point.
I’ve been so sad and thinking of my mother as pity. But if her fate leads the advance of medical science , it wouldn’t be just sad. I really hope her treatment contribute to the study.


There it is !


It’s November and getting cold.
Since I moved in new place, I’ve been nervous about new life.
Today, on my way back from meeting up with my friend, I found a beautiful autumn leaves. I was too busy and nervous to find these trees.
Now I am like getting over something and I feel great.

Home sweet home?

My new life has started. I mean I am living with my mother in law and of course, it was a little awkward but now, it’s getting better. It’s getting in right truck. I’d had roomies so I am not surprised to see difference and weirdness of other.
But mother in law is totally different.
She is great because she prepares my lunch and my dinner. I wanted to keep my work hours so my husband asked her to be in charge of meal and I do the laundry and dishwasher.
So, it’s not bad. I just hesitate to say my plan in the weekend….