Just thank you

I sometimes write about my mother in law. We both get a surprised about own way.
The other day, I had a terrible cold and was very languid. At the time , she was like an angel. She got me Zosui and was worried about me so much.
Now I feel mother’s power so much.
Must-have isn’t a good husband, but a good mother in law!
Thank you 🙂



An issue about my dad.
Since my mom has passed away, he met my mom’s friend and he started to date with her. And my sister and I really hate my mom’s friend and my dad as well. Actually she is still married but filing for a divorce. According my dad, it wasn’t because of him.
We asked my dad to pick one (her or us) and he told “Her divorce is finally settle down. So, we are officially dating. ”
????! We just need him to pick one and how come he was explaining the process to us? My sister told him that if he keep dating with her, she won’t neither contact him nor meet her kids. Such a harsh option. But he made her decision and he is the one who make trouble.
How could he ignore his daughter’s wish? Is he blind?
Now I want to quit his daughter.
Please advise if you have any comments.

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The other day, I cooked Tonkatsu which is a fried pork.

First of all, the pork was from Canada. I am not particular of origin and my mother in law as well.
Origin Japan must be great but it’s expensive.

What happened this time?
When I opened my refrigerator , there were two pork origin Japan and my mother is law told me that this was for Tonkatsu as well ! I thought she bought us a good pork. And I started deep frying all of porks. Before we ate, she said “I bought this Japanese pork from my pocket money, so this is for me “.
I couldn’t close my mouth.
Usually if she bought it, she could share a little to us? What she did was totally over my head.

So far so ok.

It’s been a month since I started to live with my mother in law.
It’s ok to live with her and she totally supports us. One thing I really hate is I don’t wanna stand in the kitchen with her together. My way is from my mother and it’s different. The difference isn’t bad so, please do NOT
Interfere it.
She hasn’t say too much so far about my way and of course, I don’t say anything to her but I said to my husband too much. I am chicken and I should say to her directly. But, it will take time….
The other day, I kicked against her suggestion which is about japanese radish’s coat. She said it’s ok not to peel the coat of japanese radish.
I reacted “NO! ” and started to peel it in silence. I didn’t have any malicious.
Just can’t accept it.
What’s happening in this month between us?

Personal space.

Everyday I take subway and in the subway, I am irritated to see people to keep their personal space.
There is a long seat which is for 6 people and there isn’t demarcated.
By people who is care about their personal space , only 5 people have the long seat. Think about other !!
It’s Crowd in the morning and we need to share space. It’s not your room !