So far so ok.

It’s been a month since I started to live with my mother in law.
It’s ok to live with her and she totally supports us. One thing I really hate is I don’t wanna stand in the kitchen with her together. My way is from my mother and it’s different. The difference isn’t bad so, please do NOT
Interfere it.
She hasn’t say too much so far about my way and of course, I don’t say anything to her but I said to my husband too much. I am chicken and I should say to her directly. But, it will take time….
The other day, I kicked against her suggestion which is about japanese radish’s coat. She said it’s ok not to peel the coat of japanese radish.
I reacted “NO! ” and started to peel it in silence. I didn’t have any malicious.
Just can’t accept it.
What’s happening in this month between us?


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