My love

My husband took me a luminary 🙂
In the morning , we went shopping in a outlet mall and in the night , we saw the luminary.

We’d been here three years ago and it’s so unforgettable moment. It’d been three months since we stared dating so, it was the happiest time 😛
Just kidding. I am very happy now too and nothing changes as far.
I wish that we will spend our important days like this even we have a kid.

Thank you 🙂






Love girls night :)

Yesterday was awesome.
My eight female coworkers and I went for a dinner and our company paid it 😛 Last October ‘s sales result was great so our company rewarded us with the dinner.
Surprisingly we didn’t talk about work at all and mostly about private things.
I was asked about a baby. Yes, that is a only goal of 2015 to be a mother.
I am seriously thinking about my life plane and my career is important but I am 29. Actually today’s my birthday !
So can’t miss the timing and my husband want a kid. So we both are very happy if the thing’s going on.
My co-workers celebrated my birthday as well 🙂


I was very happy to be part of them and whatever my life is not going , try to be positive and laugh with them !
Thank you !

How you clean up your room?

I have a mental block about my mother in law.
She can’t clean and she didn’t care about that.
Hell no. I started to think about leave this house.
Four people live together so we need a space so please clean your room!!!!
She should do that before we live together. Should I ask her clean up?
Does it create bitter feeling?
But can’t stand anymore.
I started to dislike her in a physiological way!!!