It might come from twisted pelvis!

I’ve been stressed out because of migraine,  stiff right shoulder, right neck and right should blade pain. It’s all right side in my body. I couldn’t focus on my work and things to do.  So, I expected something wrong in my body and finally it ring a bell.

I went see an osteopathist and asked about my bone places .  He knew what I meant. He checked my pelvis and told me that “your body swisted to the left and your right pelvis is down from the right place. ” I have a bad habit that I look to the left. I have a mole at side of my nostril. When I was a kid, I hated it and I tried to hide it by leaning my face to the left and that’s it. My pelvis place is changed and now I got in trouble. But I am very happy that I found a way to fix it. Fixing the pelvi’s place or bone place wasn’t hurt. I need to visit at least 7 times but it really worth it for me. I just want to get free from this evil!!!


IT kid

Yesterday I visited my sister’s place and played with my nephew and my niece. They grow up so fast and I missed a lot of things while I hadn’t met them. They’re super doing great. Seems like my two year old nephew is already YouTuber💻 and enjoys contents himself.
I am not so into it and I felt like he’s an advantage over me about IT.


Happy birthday Mom and kid

Being mom is a hardest job.
I do babysitter for my niece and nephew sometimes and they are very adorable but it’s so hard and I love them so much.

Here is a birthday present for celebrating 1 year, which Dad made.

Sarcastic person?

I wrote here about my mother in law.
I’ve lived with her for four months now and again I found her strange action.

The other day, we cooked steamed egg hotchpotch together. Three of them are steamed in a pot. That was normal.
10 minutes later, we went check them and she took one and asked me if it is ok. I didn’t think it was steamed enough so I said “No”.
And I thought she put it back to the pot but she didn’t.
She microwaved it and it was totally exploded inside and she gave me.
Other two were kept steamed in the pot😟How could she do that?
I didn’t ask her to microwave it but she did. Was it sabotaged by her on purpose ? Eventually my husband’s, my brother in law’s and her steamed egg hotchpotch became beautifully steamed🌹
I am very sad if she’s sarcastic. How do you think? I don’t think we should live together….😥

Respect each other

Since the 9.11, the world has changed a lot. A lot of terrorism happened and people were captured by terrorists.
It’s scary. I never understood the feeling how scare it was until Two Japanese were killed.

By the a lots of terrorisms, it’s true that some Muslim people are facing discrimination and it might occur difficulty to live. All of them aren’t related to any of terrors. Please check this following URL and see the video.

America is the most powerful country in the world and I believe there’s freedom as well more than Japanese have.
Being American or other countries expect single race countries understand they consist of various races. U.S. Army had his strong faith that why he became US solder for his country and he seemed to have an experience fighting in the Middle East. His priceless opinion might came from his experience and other people also stand up for the Muslim worker.
When I was in Canada, I stayed with a family who were Muslim. I remember that the father prayed at same time everyday. But they understood my culture too, so through the experience, I learned that respecting religion and we are just believing different God.
My life in Canada was awesome because we met them 🙂

You ninny….

What I read an article today is the following.

How could he handle the double marriages and why he updated the photo with his second wife on Facebook ? Everyone would know the presence of second wife through Facebook soon.
His mother sent a sorry letter to her daughter in law. which mean he deceived his mother as well.
He deceived his mother , two wives and kids. Shame on you !!
I think that cheating his wife is much better than what he did. Too much victims and hope they will be happy each way, but not him.